ad hoc Growing Diverse Leadership Committee

The ad hoc Growing Diverse Leadership Committee is charged with discerning how Baltimore Yearly Meeting's committees and local Meetings can work together to be more inclusive and to encourage and sustaing participation of younger Friends. The committee was approved during Annual Session 2015 (Y2015-78) and is expected to report regularly for the next three years on its work.

As one of its first acts, the GDLC is requesting information about individual Meetings' interest in working toward these goals, and about current demographics of the Yearly Meeting, so that we can chart progress. To that end, the annual Community Statistics report now asks for details of membership on age through the lifespan and racial identity. Asking local Meetings to report the racial identity of members and attenders will help them learn what progress we are making in reducing those barriers.

Although race is a social construct--drawing lines that make little sense from a biological perspective—people who are perceived as being of one race go through life being treated differently from people perceived as being of another race. That reality both results in serious unfairness and creates major barriers among those who are treated differently from one another based on their racial identities. For more information on the thinking behind the survey, please see Survey FAQs here. There is also a very informative article form Psychology Today available here.

Listed below are the current members of the committee.

Martha "Marcy" Baker Seitel, Clerk
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Walter Brown
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Lauren Brownlee
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Alison Duncan
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Clinton Pettus
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
Eugene "Gene" Throwe, Religious Education Committee
Friends Meeting of Washington
Diane White
Friends Meeting of Washington
Ann Venable, Development Director
Baltimore Yearly Meeting Staff
Joshua "Josh" Wilson
Patapsco Friends Meeting