ad hoc Growing Diverse Leadership Committee

The ad hoc Growing Diverse Leadership (GDL) Committee is charged with discerning how BYM's committees and local Meetings can work together to answer the two questions this program seeks to address

  • How can our Meetings at all levels be more inclusive and welcoming to all and build multicultural community?
  • How can we encourage and sustain participation by younger Friends and support their development as leaders now and for the future?

Specifically, the ad hoc Growing Diverse Leadership Committee is responsible for:

1. Reaching out to local Meetings to engage and support their efforts in this area

2. Revisiting, clarifying and further developing the initial Growing Diverse Leadership program description, including the relations of the various components and roles, to consider for addition to the Manual of Procedure,

3. Helping BYM meet the initial goals of the program and bringing forth a plan for continuation by 2016.

This committee will meet for a period of at least 3 years with regular reports provided to Spring Interim Meeting and Annual Session. At Annual Session 2017 a determination will be made as to its continuation as an ad hoc committee, turning it into a standing committee, or laying it down.

Membership on the GDL ad hoc Committee will include representatives from CPC, RE, YPC, Young Friends, YAF, Nominating, A&O, M&PC, Development, Working Group on Racism, Camp Diversity Working Group and will include the Interim Meeting Clerk. The Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator, Camp Program Manager, Youth Programs Manager, Development Director and General Secretary will all be ex officio members. It may co-opt additional members as it is led.

Listed below are the current members of the committee.

Martha "Marcy" Baker Seitel, Clerk
Adelphi Friends Meeting
St. Clair Allmond
Richmond Friends Meeting
Louisa Davis
Herndon Friends Meeting
David Etheridge
Friends Meeting of Washington