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Reparations: Alchemical Agent for Healing and Repair (June 14th, 2023)

In recognition and celebration of Juneteenth, Growing Diverse Leadership sponsored a lecture by Lucy Duncan and Rob Peagler entitled “Reparations: Alchemical Agent for Healing and Repair”.  Lucy and Rob spoke about the ways they have seen reparations work as a powerful force for transformation at the relational, spiritual, and material levels. They told stories about its power in transmuting intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic dynamics and as a tool for addressing the centuries old systemic harms of slavery and its afterlives, as well as the theft, genocide and dispossession of Indigenous Peoples. In addition, they spoke about the Quaker case for reparations historically and offer metaphors and concrete examples of this powerful instrument to address the root level issues of our collective complicity, both as a country and as Quakers. 

The session was online from 7:00 – 9:00pm.

To watch the zoom recording, please click here

Passcode: R.q9Lki!

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