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Baltimore Yearly Meeting Staff and Officers

Officers of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Yearly Meeting

Kenneth "Ken" Stockbridge
Patapsco Friends Meeting
2014 - 2020
Recording Clerk
Margaret "Meg" Meyer Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
2019 - 2021
James "Jim" Riley
Hopewell Centre Monthly Meeting
01/2020 - 12/2021
Assistant Treasurer
Arthur Meyer Boyd
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
01/2020 - 12/2021
the terms of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer run from First Month, First
to Twelfth Month, Thirty-first of the indicated years.

Interim Meeting

Martha "Marcy" Baker Seitel
Adelphi Friends Meeting 
2016 - 2020
Recording Clerk of Interim Meeting
Arthur David Olson
Takoma Park Preparative Meeting
2014 - 2020

Office Staff of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Acting General Secretary
Wayne Finegar
Associate General Secretary
serving as Acting General Secretary
Wayne Finegar
Administrative Assistant
Laura Butler
Bookkeeping Assistant
Harriet Dugan
Camp Property Manager
David Hunter
Camp Program Manager
Jane Megginson
Development Director
Mary Braun
Junior Young Friends Assistant
Ana Phillips
STRIDE Coordinator
Khalila Lomax
Youth Programs Manager
Lexi "Sunshine" Klein

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