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Faith and Practice Committee

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure. Listed below are the current members of the Committee. The text of recent reports from the Faith and Practice Revision Committee as printed in the Interchange, as well as the Committee's Annual Reports since 2011, are available from the links below. (These reports include those from predecessor committees as well as the current Faith and Practice Committee.*)

An online version of the 1988 edition of Faith and Practice is available here. Downloadable PDF files of the 1988 Faith and Practice and the 2013 Resource for Faith and Practice** are also available at this location.

Davis "Dave" Balderston, Co-Clerk
Alexandria Friends Meeting
Helen Tasker, Co-Clerk
Frederick Friends Meeting
Diane Bowden
Richmond Friends Meeting
Sarah Bur
Homewood Friends Meeting
James "Jim" Fussell
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Ann Marie Moriarty
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Arthur David Olson
Takoma Park Preparative Meeting
Anne Riggs
Annapolis Friends Meeting

2020 Revision to Faith and Practice and Proposed Revision of Marriage Provisions

At Annual Session 2020, the 1988 Faith and Practice was revised to include the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Vision Statement. The electronic versions of Faith and Practice on this website now include the Vision Statement, but the latest printed versions (2019) do not. Also at Annual Session 2020, changes in marriage provisions proposed by the Faith and Practice Committee received First Reading and are being sent to worshiping communities and other Yearly Meeting organizations for consideration. The current draft of the proposed marriage provisions is available here (link updated with 07/18/2021 revisions).

*At Tenth Month 2016 Interim Meeting, the creation of an ad hoc Faith and Practice Process Clarification Committee was approved. The ad hoc Committee's Advice and Guidance to the Faith and Practice Committee was submitted to the Annual Session 2017 (Attachment Y2017-19) and led to the creation of a standing Faith and Practice Committee. Previously, temporary committees had been created as needed to revise Faith and Practice. (Attachment Y2017-19 can be found at page 219 of the 2017 Yearbook of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.)

**During Annual Session 2013, a proposed revision to the complete text of Faith and Practice was considered by the Yearly Meeting. (click here to download a copy of this text as presented at that time) At the conclusion of the week, Friends did not in unite in approving the text. The minute recording the lack of unity is Y2013-56. (Minute 2013-56 can be found at page 136 of the 2013 Yearbook of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.) In 2019, the text of the proposed 2013 revision to Faith and Practice was reprinted as the 2013 Resource for Faith and Practice.

Faith and Practice Committee Annual Reports

Faith and Practice Committee Interchange Reports

Visioning Project Report

In 2010 and 2011, Baltimore Yearly Meeting undertook a project to consider the vision of the Yearly Meeting community. As a part of that project, each committee was asked to respond to a set of queries that had been promulgated by the ad hoc Visiting Ministers Committee. The Faith and Practice Revision Committee's responses are available here.

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