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Faith and Practice Committee

NEW! Seasoning Proposed Changes to “Life of the Spirit” in Faith and Practice
December 2022

The Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice Committee needs your help.  We are focusing on “Life of the Spirit” early in the revision process, to ground our remaining work on BYM Faith and Practice.

The Committee is proposing two new sections in "Life in the Spirit" in Faith and Practice: "The Quaker Experience" and "Meeting for Worship"

These two new sections would replace three sections ("Cultivation of Life of the Spirit," "Meeting for Worship," and "Vocal Ministry") in the current Faith and Practice (pages 9-11 here).

The Committee is eager for your corporate seasoning and feedback! 

We request that responses be from some grouping of BYM Quakers and not individuals, e.g., monthly meetings, monthly meeting committees, yearly meeting committees and working groups, BYM Global Majority Caucus, Young Adult Friends, Young Friends, Junior Young Friends, etc. to allow for seasoning of the responses. Participation and insights from people new to Quakerism is especially valuable.

We ask that groups consider the proposed replacements and share their sense of whether inclusion in Faith and Practice will make it a better document. We also welcome any suggestions for improvements. We’re asking for responses by March 1, 2023 so that we can reflect on the responses, revise as necessary, and produce a document for first reading for the June 2023 interim meeting.

A possible method of review by a group is to schedule two 45-60 minute sessions to consider the "The Quaker Experience" and "Meeting for Worship.” Identify a recorder for the session.  Provide the text in advance. Use the BYM anti-racist queries in your work. Read the text for each section aloud to the group. Then consider the following queries:

  • What resonates for you in this text?
  • What if anything causes resistance?
  • What challenges you?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving the document?

Following the session, summarize the responses and have the group approve and have a recorder submit them.

Group responses can be sent the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice Committee in one of three ways:

  • Via F&P Read and Comment Form (preferred method to facilitate tracking of responses)
  • Via email:
  • Via Mail:  17100 Quaker Lane, Sandy Spring, Maryland, 20860 (marked to the attention of Faith and Practice committee)

Thank you for your help in this effort.

Davis Balderston, co-clerk

BYM Faith & Practice

The current BYM Faith and Practice, with changes through 2021, is available as a PDF here. The 2013 Resource for Faith and Practice* is also available online. Paper copies of the current Faith and Practice can also be ordered by emailing        

Recent Revisions to BYM Faith and Practice

  • 2020 Addition of Vision Statement to Faith and Practice. At Annual Session 2020, Faith and Practice was revised to include the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Vision Statement. The current Faith and Practice linked above includes the Vision Statement. 
  • 2021 Revision of Faith and Practice Marriage Provisions. At Annual Session 2021 revised marriage provisions for the Faith and Practice were approved. Those approved marriage revisions are included in the current Faith and Practice linked above. 


Faith & Practice Committee Members
Davis "Dave" Balderston, Co-Clerk
Alexandria Friends Meeting
Arthur David Olson, Co-Clerk
Takoma Park Preparative Meeting
Diane Bowden
Richmond Friends Meeting
Sarah Bur
Homewood Friends Meeting
James "Jim" Fussell
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Ann Marie Moriarty
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Helen Tasker
Frederick Friends Meeting
Linda Goldstein
Charlottesville Friends Meeting
Anne Riggs
Annapolis Friends Meeting
David Fitz
York Friends Meeting
*During Annual Session 2013, a proposed revision to the complete text of Faith and Practice was considered by the Yearly Meeting. (click here to download a copy of this text as presented at that time) At the conclusion of the week, Friends did not unite in approving the text. The minute recording the lack of unity is Y2013-56. (Minute 2013-56 can be found at page 136 of the 2013 Yearbook of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.) In 2019, the text of the proposed 2013 revision to Faith and Practice was reprinted as the 2013 Resource for Faith and Practice.

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