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Program Committee

The Program Committee coordinates and plans for Annual Session.

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure.

Listed below are the current members of the Committee.

 Linda Coates, Clerk
 Eastland Preparative Meeting 
Breyette Covington
Charlottesville Friends Meeting
Cynthia "CY" Merriwether DeVries
State College Friends Meeting
Jason Eaby
Nottingham Monthly Meeting
 Margaret "Peg" Hansen
State College Friends Meeting
Kathy Spaar
Charlottesville Friends Meeting
Sarah Gillooly, General Secretary
Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Bette Hoover, Interim Meeting Clerk
Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Stephanie "Steph" Bean, Presiding Clerk
Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Nathaniel "Nate" Arbor, Young Adult Friends
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Jake Domenick-Urbansky, Young Friends Representative
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Alexandra "Alex" Arbor, JYM Co-clerk
Adelphi Friends Meeting

Tom Webb, Ministry & Pastoral Care Representative

Young Adult Friends

Barbarie Hill, Registrar
Charlottesville Friends Meeting
Lexi "Sunshine" Klein, Youth Programs Manager
Shiloh Quaker Camp
Amrit Moore, Junior Yearly Meeting Co-clerk
Maury River Friends Meeting
Barb Platt, Assistant Registrar
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Gary Sandman, Ministry & Pastoral Care Representative
Roanoke Friends Meeting
Eileen Stanzionie, Ministry & Pastoral Care Representative 
Patapsco Friends Meeting

Henry Apencha, Ministry & Pastoral Care Representative

Baltimore Meeting of Friends, Stony Run


Program Committee Annual Reports

Program Committee Interchange Reports

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