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The Global Majority Caucus of Baltimore Yearly Meeting held a Trauma Journey Workshop for BYM Global Majority Friends on July 29, 2023 at Stony Run Meetinghouse in Baltimore.  The workshop explored the trauma of racism and shared possible ways of healing from it.  Once you view a recording of the workshop, you may apply for BYM trauma healing funds to pursue a healing path that speaks to you.

To get the link of the recorded workshop, please e-mail Sabrina McCarthy at 

To request BYM trauma healing funds, please e-mail Sabrina McCarthy at and fill out this Request for Payment Form, e-mail it back to her at the address above.  If you are requesting reimbursement for costs that you incurred after you attended the workshop or viewed a recording of it, you need to submit receipts for the costs with the Request for Payment form. Reimbursements are non-taxable.

 If you are requesting upfront payment for costs that you intend to incur, you need to submit the Request for Payment Form, stating that the funds will be used for the approved healing activity, AND a W-9 form which will be provided by Sabrina. BYM will report upfront payments to the Internal Revenue Service in compliance with law and general accounting principles.

Friend Rashid Darden and Sabrina have volunteered to take care of funding requests. Sabrina will shepherd requests through the Working Group on Racism and the BYM Office.

Friends who receive BYM trauma healing funds commit to join a circle of BYM Global Majority Friends to process together how the healing methods they choose have worked for them.

 Guidelines on amount of healing funds available from the Trauma Healing Fund
  We expect to be able to honor requests for funding up to the amount of $750. Friends can use funds for whatever they need to access trauma healing (for example, for service providers, registration, travel, lodging, and food). 
Friends who need funding beyond what the Trauma Healing Fund can provide are encouraged to ask for funding from:

BYM Global Majority Friends Caucus

 This group is for Friends of the Global Majority, better known as Friends of Color or Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), to be in touch about matters of mutual concern to those living and worshiping within BYM.  Membership in a BYM meeting is not required, though a connection to BYM meetings or programming would probably be helpful for context in the matters discussed.

If you are a Friend of color and would like to join the Global Majority, please click on the link below and request to join the group;

Resources for Friends of Color

Transatlantic Friends is a Quaker community rooted in a testimony of justice that centers the spirit-led leadership of people of color.

The Fellowship of Friends of African Descent is a transnational organization of Quakers of African descent, their family members, and friends. The Fellowship seeks to bear witness to the Divine Presence in all through an African oriented experience within the Religious Society of Friends by worship, education, activism and service.

The Ministry on Racism Program at FGC offers assistance and support to meetings and yearly meetings that want to develop their racial and ethnic awareness, increase their diversity, and strive to address the impact of the institution of racism on our Society.

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