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Stewardship and Finance Committee

The Stewardship and Finance Committee is primarily responsible for developing and overseeing the budget of the Yearly Meeting. This includes consideration of the apportionment to be allocated between the local Meetings.

Each year, Baltimore Yearly Meeting completes and files with the Internal Revenue Service the Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax (form 990). The 2019 return is available for download here.

Each spring, usually on the first Saturday following Tax Day, there is the Annual Apportionment Meeting. Representatives from every local Meeting are invited to attend and provide input for the committee's consideration of the needs of the Yearly Meeting for the ensuing fiscal year.

The Stewardship and Finance Committee is continuing their work to review the Apportionment Formula. There are links to current documents in that view available below.

A document that details how the Yearly Meeting calculates the apportionment for each local Monthly Meeting is available below.

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure.

Listed below are the current members of the Committee.

Karen Cunnyngham, Co-Clerk
Annapolis Friends Meeting
Terence McCormally, Co-Clerk
Herndon Friends Meeting
Joan Clippinger
Warrington Monthly Meeting
Allen Cochran
Goose Creek Friends Meeting
Melanie Gifford
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Susan Griffin
Friends Meeting of Washington
Otis Kenny
Roanoke Friends Meeting
Linda Pardoe
Patapaco Friends Meeting
Catherine Tall
Monongalia Friends Meeting
Victor Thuronyi
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Nicolaus "Nic" Tideman
Blacksburg Friends Meeting
Timothy "Tim" Yeaney
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
John Yost
Eastland Preparative Meeting
Howard Zuses
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
James "Jim" Riley, Treasurer
Hopewell Centre Monthly Meeting
Arthur Meyer Boyd, Assistant Treasurer
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run


As detailed in the Manual of Procedure, the Stewardship and Finance Committee is responsible for the consideration and calculation of the annual Apportionment to be paid by each Monthly Meeting for the support of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

Listed below are reports and documents related to the methods and considerations used by the Stewardship and Finance Committee in their work.

Apportionment Formula Review

Budget Review

The Stewardship and Finance Committee is reviewing the methodology for developing budgets and redesigning formats, with the goal of creating an approach which is understandable by people without financial training.

Stewardship and Finance Committee Annual Reports

Stewardship and Finance Committee Interchange Reports

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