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Spring 2023 Interim Meeting

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Minutes from June 10, 2023 Interim Meeting

Agenda. Link, and Documents


11:00am - Hospitality & Lunch (served at 11:30)

12:30pm - Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

3:30pm - Business Concludes


Welcome from Charlottesville-Alice Anderson

Antiracism & Land Acknowledgement

Holding us in the Light - Rita Willett & Greg Robb from M & PC

  • General Secretary’s Report (Sarah Gillooly)
  • Treasurer’s report - Jim Riley
  • Presiding Clerk’s Report (Steph Bean)
  • Youth Programs Annual Report (Sunshine Klein)
  • Development Committee Report (Barb Platt)(Barbara Willie - Interim)
  • Camping Program & Property: Minute Regarding Rolling Ridge - Betsy Rousch
    • Development Committee - Barb Platt  (Barbara Willie, interim)
    • Stewardship & Finance Committee - (Linda Pardoe)
    • Trustees - (Rich Liversidge)


Minutes are read by Deborah Haines, Recording Clerk

  • First Reading of 2024 Budget (Terence McCormally)
  • Faith & Practice Report (Davis Balderson)
  • Nominating Comm Report 
  • Advancement & Outreach Request for new Working Group (Laura Goren)
  • Search Comm (Meg Boyd Meyer)

Minutes are read by Deborah Haines, Recording Clerk

Closing Worship  

Committees Scheduled to Meet

Email to let us know if your Committee plans to meet!

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