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Sue Thomas Turner Quaker Education Fund Committee

The Sue Thomas Turner Quaker Education Fund Baltimore Yearly Meeting was established in recognition of Sue Thomas Turner’s long support of Quaker education and Quaker values in public education. The purpose of this fund is to support the understanding and practice of Quaker faith in schools, and to support the growth of a life lived in the Spirit by members of the school communities. The fund is targeted for Friends schools under the care of a Friends Meeting, but is available to any school community. The school community members include students, staff, faculty, administration, trustees, and parents.

The SSTQE Fund grants are intended to be used for:

  • materials, lectures and consultants, workshops and retreats, programs and activities to be brought into the school which help to explain Quaker faith and practice to members of the school communities
  • individuals or groups from the school communities to attend workshops, classes or retreats on Quaker faith and practice and Spiritual development
  • the creation and distribution of materials related to these issues by members of the school communities.

The funds are limited to uses that are in addition to those already funded by a school or school committee budget, or to augment existing school budget funds to enable a use that exceeds ordinary funding.

The SSTQE Fund awards the funds each Spring. The deadline for applications is March 1. Please do not apply for purposes that occur before mid-May so you can be sure to hear from the Committee in time.

It may be helpful to applicants to review prior year Annual Reports to get a sense of proposals that have received funding in the past.

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure.

Listed below are the current members of the Committee.

Rosalind Zuses, Clerk
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Howard Zuses
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Steve Morse
Advancement and Outreach Representative

Langley Hill Friends Meeting

Erik Hanson
Religious Education Representative
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting

Sue Thomas Turner Quaker Education Fund Annual Reports

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