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Spiritual Formation Program Working Group

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The Spiritual Formation Program Working Group is the organizing unit for the Yearly Meeting's annual Spiritual Formation retreats. The Working Group is under the care of the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee.

There is a joint web site operated as a cooperative venture of Philadelphia and Baltimore Yearly Meeting folks to share with the world a spiritual formation program that many folks in USA Quakerism have used over the past 30 years. The materials presented are for readers to utilize. We ask that folks who take on the program share any resources you develop. One promise we ask of you: to let the Spirit, the Inner Teacher, the Light within be your guide and root in any of your involvement with this material.

Listed below are the current members of the Working Group.

Marilyn Rothstein, Clerk
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
Alan Evans
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
David "Dave" Fitz
York Friends Meeting
Ruth Fitz
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
Rebecca Richards
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
Rita Willet
Richmond Monthly Meeting
Chad Smyser
York Monthly Meeting
Alan Schmaljohn
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
Amy Schmaljohn
Gunpowder Friends Meeting

Spiritual Formation Program Working Group Annual Reports

Spiritual Formation Program Working Group Interchange Reports

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