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Adelphi Friends Meeting

Contact Information
Mailing address: 2303 Metzerott Road, Adelphi, Maryland 20783
Meeting place address: 2303 Metzerott Road, Adelphi, Maryland 20783
Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible (meeting room, not social hall or lawn)
Hearing Assistance: Hearing assistance available
Telephone: 301-445-1114
Website: Adelphi Friends Meeting
First Day: Worship: 10.00 a.m
Religious Education: First Day School: 10:20 a.m except Junior Meeting, fourth First Day at 10:00 a.m
Business Meeting: Second First Day of the month, following Meeting for Worship, except for May and usually August (depending on when Annual Session falls), when it is the third First Day.
Officers and Clerks

Arthur Karpas

Assistant Clerk:  
Treasurer: Reuben Snipper
Assistant Treasurer: Patricia Nutter
Recording Clerk: Ruth Flower
Recorder: John Stith
Finance: James Wilkinson
Ministry and Worship: Cheryl Morden 
Nominating: Jamie Buss and Arthur Karpas
Pastoral Care: Wendy Eck
Peace and Social Concerns: Charlie Goedeke and Connie Meyer
Religious Education: Robert "Rob" Duncan
Yearly Meeting Representative: Chester McCoy
Travel Directions

Located a few miles north of Washington, DC, the Meeting House is between Riggs and Adelphi Roads, near the University of Maryland. From Maryland Route 650 (New Hampshire Avenue), go east on Metzerott Road; the Meeting House is on the right, one block past the (first) traffic signal at Riggs.

Metro's route R-8 (Calverton) bus stops one block from the Meeting House (at the corner of Riggs and Metzerott). The Montgomery County Ride-On route 20 (Holly Hall) bus stops about 1/2 mile from the Meeting House (near the corner of New Hampshire and Southampton).

Adelphi Friends Meeting Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports

Adelphi Friends Meeting Interchange Reports

Visioning Project Report

In 2010 and 2011, Baltimore Yearly Meeting undertook a project to consider the vision of the Yearly Meeting community. As a part of that project, members of the ad hoc Visiting Ministers Committee led a visioning session at each Meeting. The report of the visioning session at Adelphi Friends Meeting is available here.

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