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Stewardship and Finance Committee

Apportionment Questionnaire

Responses deadline March 31, 2024.

To prepare the Plan of Apportionment for the 2025 budget, the Stewardship and Finance Committee is collecting information on Monthly Meeting income. Please complete the Online Apportionment Questionnaire below. Complete each of the fields and click "Submit Questionnaire" at the bottom. A copy of your responses will be sent to you and to the members of the Stewardship and Finance Committee.

A Monthly Meeting’s recommended apportionment is set at 25% of a Monthly Meeting's income for the relevant year, using BYM's Guidelines on Apportionment to determine what income is subject to apportionment. The Stewardship and Finance Committee respects each Monthly Meeting’s discernment regarding apportionment, and welcomes questions and discussion if a meeting’s circumstances require adjustment.

Apportionment for the current year can be paid online here. 

Please provide the information below for your most recently closed fiscal year, not later than March 31, 2024


Contact Information:
Local Meeting Name

1. Total number of contributing households. Defined as a single adult or family, living at one address making a contribution to the Meeting budget, whether a Member, Attender, or Sojourner.

2. Household contributed dollars. Defined as all dollars received for the operating budget from contributing households during the fiscal year.

3. Total Investment Income. Defined as interest and dividends from all investment sources including bank accounts, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, loans, and other sources. This includes both income that is subject to apportionment and income that is exempt from apportionment, but it excludes capital gains.

4. Exempt Investment Income. Defined as all income on investments that were made with contributions that were restricted by the donor. For further information, see guidelines “Guidelines on Apportionment”

5. The expenses of the yearly meeting exceed what is generated in apportionment and success depends on the generosity of Friends. If your meeting expects to be in a position to contribute above your calculated apportionment in 2025, please indicate what additional amount you could make available.

6. Apportionment Reduction Requests. If your Meeting believes that it will be unable to pay the full apportionment for 2025, please provide a paragraph explaining what factors limit your ability to pay, whether you see this a one-year situation or ongoing, and what amount your Meeting believes it will be able to pay. No limit on length.

7. We welcome any additional comments you may have.

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