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Stewardship and Finance Committee

2021 Apportionment Questionnaire

Responses must be received by February 29, 2020

Below is the online version of the 2021 Apportionment Questionnaire. Please complete each of the fields and click "Submit Questionnaire" at the bottom. A copy of your responses will be sent to you, as well as to the members of the Stewardship and Finance Committee.

We have updated the explanation of the Apportionment formula. Click here to download the new explanation.

Local Meeting Name
Please provide the information below for 2019, or your most recently closed fiscal year, using the following definitions, not later than February 29, 2020.
Defined as a single adult or family, living at one address making a contribution to the Meeting budget, whether a Member, Attender, or Sojourner. This information is not used in calculating the Meeting’s apportionment, but is used when reviewing requests for apportionment reductions.
Defined as all dollars received for the operating budget from contributing households during the fiscal year.
Defined as interest and dividends from all investment sources including bank accounts, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, loans, and other sources. This includes both income that is subject to apportionment and income that is exempt from apportionment, but it excludes capital gains.
Defined as all income on investments that were made with contributions that were restricted by the donor. For further information, see guidelines “Is It Subject to Apportionment or Is It Exempt?”
If your Meeting believes that it will be unable to pay the full apportionment for 2021, please provide a paragraph explaining what factors limit your ability to pay, whether you see this a one-year situation or ongoing, and what amount your Meeting believes it will be able to pay. No limit on length.
Please comment on any aspects of the apportionment process which are of special interest to your Meeting. No limit on length.

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