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Homewood Friends Meeting

Contact Information
Mailing address: 3107 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Meeting place address: 3107 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Hearing Assistance: Hearing assistance available
Telephone: 410-235-4438
Website: Homewood Friends Meeting
First Day: Worship: 10:30 am
Religious Education: First Day School: 10:50 am
Business Meeting: Third First Day: 12:15 pm
Officers and Clerks
Clerk: Sarah Bur
Assistant Clerk: Kathryn Munnell
Treasurer: Megan Shook
Recording Clerk: Carol Beck and Barbara Bezdek
Recorder: Susan Russell Walters
Ministry and Counsel: Donna McKusick
Green Organizing Action Team (GOAT) Gary Gillespie

Peace and Justice Committee

Malachy Kilbride
Religious Education: Kendall Kennison
Trustees: Susan Russell Walters
Travel Directions

On North Charles Street directly across from the Baltimore Museum of Art Drive, and John Hopkins University, Homewood Campus.

Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports
Interchange Reports

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