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Spiritual Formation Program

Spiritual Formation 2021

We invite you to a journey of personal spiritual deepening in the fellowship of your Local Meeting and with Friends from across Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Our Spiritual Formation Program is designed to gather us in spiritual friendship for the deep listening that opens our hearts and helps us to discern how God is at work in our lives. Friends are invited to two annual retreats, to monthly gatherings of your local Meeting group, and to smaller friendship groups. We support and encourage one another in finding spiritual practices that nourish us. We share and reflect on readings that provide wisdom along the way. We welcome you to join us.

To find out more about the Spiritual Formation Program, read our booklet entitled Sacred Intersections:  Spiritual Formation Program. You are also welcome to contact the clerks of the Spiritual Formation Working Group, Amy Schmaljohn ( or Alan Evans ( You can get a taste of the program by registering for our next retreat or by inviting Amy and Alan to visit your local Meeting. We have developed a short-format (2-3 hour) retreat that we offer on-site at local Meetings, often at the rise of Meeting on a Sunday. We have also adapted this mini-retreat for a virtual (Zoom-based) format that has worked quite well.

Our retreats for 2021 will be held via Zoom. We will have time for worship and whole-group learning and fellowship. We will spend time in quiet personal reflection and in small-group worship sharing. The retreats are gently paced with time for rest and quiet. The retreats begin on Friday evening and conclude on Saturday evening.

Spring 2021 Retreat: May 14-15

Fall 2021 Retreat: September 17-18

Registration for the Spring retreat will open on April 1st. A registration fee of $50 for the retreat will help us to cover the administrative and technological costs of hosting the gathering.

We look forward to seeing many of you in May. Blessings to you all!

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