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Spiritual Formation Program

Spiritual Formation

We are all pilgrims on a journey, taking different routes to the same destination. We are all seekers on a quest, searching for that which is greater, and our relationship to it, hoping to arrive at the Ground of Our Being. Along the way, we encounter other pilgrims and share the experience in moments of sacred intersection that feed our spirit, deepen our experience, strengthen our resolve, and build community. This is the Spiritual Formation Program. And we invite you to journey with us.

There are many ways to get involved:  

  • Retreats in September and May provide opportunities for individual reflection, sharing in small groups, exploring spiritual practices and readings, and fellowship.
  • your local Meeting's program (which we can help you to begin or renew), with “large group” discussions and “small group” opportunities to build spiritual friendships offering mutual support and accompaniment.
  • the year-long virtual program offered through Zoom to Friends throughout the Yearly Meeting (and beyond—visitors welcome!), also offering large and small groups.  (October-May)

Interested? Begin by exploring our program booklet: "Sacred Intersections: Spiritual Formation Program" or email To get email notices about Spiritual Formation opportunities, fill out this contact form, and be sure to check the box for “Spiritual Formation Announcements.”


2023-2024 Spiritual Formation Program


Spring 2024 Spiritual Formation Retreat
May 3-5, 2024

The Claggett Center
3035 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown, MD

Registration for the Spring Retreat is now CLOSED.

In the Spring 2024 Spiritual Formation Retreat, we’ll explore our experiences with metanoia, the turning of mind and heart that can come when we’re shaken off course by suffering, doubt, disorientation, or disruption.  How might we receive these invitations to see differently, to remain open to the sacred center of life, to acknowledge our fears but not be overtaken by them?  Through sacred story, imagery, and metaphor–and exploration of our own lives–we’ll journey together toward a deeper knowing of these tender human experiences.

Registration will be open through Friday, April 12th.  

The retreat will be held at the Claggett Center in Adamstown, Maryland.  Spiritual nurture funds are available through both local Meetings and through the Yearly Meeting.  The retreat welcomes all of us who seek a deeper life in and with Spirit.

The retreat will begin with supper at 6 o’clock on Friday, May 3rd, followed by our opening circle.  There will be two sessions on Saturday (morning and afternoon) with an evening of festive fellowship and singing.  Our Sunday morning session will be followed by Meeting for Worship and lunch.  Departure is immediately after lunch.  

Retreat participants will receive a detailed welcome email and pre-retreat exercise about one week before the retreat.  If you have questions as the retreat nears, please contact the program registrar, Russell Baskett, at

Year-Long Virtual Program Offered via Zoom

The 2023-24 cohort for the BYM Virtual Spiritual Formation group will have its first gathering on Tuesday, October 17 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm (EST) via Zoom. We will meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month from October to May.

We expect participants to make a commitment to being present at most of the large group gatherings so that we can come together with the consistency and intentionality needed to care for one another on this year’s journey. 

If you're interested in joining, please reach out to Chad Smyser, at for more information and to receive Zoom links. And if you'd just like to visit the first session to see if this gathering is right for you, you are most welcome.

Local Gatherings

After the fall retreat, local Meetings begin their monthly small and large group year-long gatherings.

We can help launch or renew your local Meeting group. One option is a short-format (2-3 hour) retreat that we offer on-site at local Meetings, often at the rise of Meeting on a Sunday. 

For more information on local gatherings, please contact Amy Schmaljohn ( or Alan Evans (

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