Gunpowder Friends Meeting

Contact Information
Mailing address: PO Box 737, Sparks, Maryland 21152-0737
Meeting place address: 14934 Priceville Road, Sparks, Maryland 21152
Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Hearing Assistance: Hearing assistance available
Telephone: 410-472-4583
Website: Gunpowder Friends Meeting
First Day: Worship: 10:00 am Adult Forum: first First Days - 9:00 am Quakerism Discussion Group: second First Day - 9:00 am Bible Study: fourth First Day - 9:00 am
Religious Education: First Day School: 10:00 am
Business Meeting: Third First Day: 11:15 am Silent Retreat: second Seventh Day - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Officers and Clerks
Clerk: Rebecca Richards
Assistant Clerk: Jennifer Robinson
Treasurer: Alan Evans
Assistant Treasurer: Anita Langford
Recording Clerk: Evelyn "Evie" Poey Fielding and Claire Twose
Recorder: Alison Seitz and Meredith van den Beemt
Care and Oversight: Ann Heaton
Finance: Jean Wilson
First Day School: Marilyn Rothstein
Ministry and Counsel: Louise "LouAnne" Smith
Nominating: Amy Schmaljohn
Trustees: Stephen "Steve" Rives
Newsletter Editor: Claire Hartman and Jennifer Robinson
Interim Meeting Representative: Robert "Bob" Fetter and Elizabeth "Susie" Fetter
Travel Directions

Sparks is about 21 miles north of Baltimore on the Harrisburg Expressway (I-83). Gunpowder Meeting is west of Sparks and west of I-83. Exit I-83 at Belfast Road (Exit 24), turn west toward Butler. Go one-third mile to Priceville Road; left on Priceville Road for one mile. Where Priceville Road turns right and Quaker Bottom Road continues ahead at the crest of a steep grade, make a sharp right turn into the Meeting House drive.

Visioning Project Report

In 2010 and 2011, Baltimore Yearly Meeting undertook a project to consider the vision of the Yearly Meeting community. As a part of that project, members of the ad hoc Visiting Ministers Committee led a visioning session at each Meeting. The report of the visioning session at Gunpowder Friends Meeting is available here.

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