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Currently there are 17 local Meetings in the state of Maryland within Baltimore Yearly Meeting. As a result of an 1800's agreement with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, local Meetings on the Eastern Shore of Maryland are a part of that Yearly Meeting.

Monthly Meetings or Friends Meetings hold weekly worship at local Meeting Houses. These are referred to as "Monthly" Meetings because they usually meet at least once a month to make decisions about issues and concerns that affect the local group. There are usually committees in these groups that bring forward recommendations and take care of work that the Meeting is undertaking.

Worship Groups, sometimes called Allowed or Indulged Meetings, are usually smaller groups of Friends from a geographic area who chose to meet for worship together. They are taken under the care of a Monthly Meeting for purposes of business and membership.

A Preparative Meeting is a group of Friends, usually who have been functioning as a Worship Group, that has chosen to begin conducting its own business, but is not yet ready to become a Monthly Meeting. A Preparative Meeting continues to be under the care of a Monthly Meeting, which assists and supports the Preparative Meeting in the conduct of its business.

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