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Fall 2023 Interim Meeting

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Friends from all parts of the Yearly Meeting gathered to conduct the business of the Yearly Meeting during the Fall 2023 BYM Interim Meeting held on 11-11-23 at York Friends Meeting, 135 W Philadelphia St, York, Pennsylvania and online via Zoom.


11:00am Lunch

12:30pm - 3:30pm Business Meeting

4:00pm Committee Meeting

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Agenda and Documents


  1. Opening Worship
  2. Welcome from York Friends Meeting
  3. Nominating Committee
  4. Search Committee (Meg Meyer)
  5. Camping Program Manager Annual Report (Brian Massey)
  6. STRIDE Coordinator Annual Report (Rachael Carter)
  7. Camp Property Manager Annual Report (David Hunter)
  8. BREAK
  9. Development Committee
  10. Treasurer's Report (Jim Riley)
  11. General Secretary's Report (Sarah Gillooly)
  12. BREAK
  13. Yearly Meeting Clerk's Update (Steph Bean)
  14. Reproductive Justice Working Group
  15. Reparations Action Working Group
  16. Stewardship & Finance
  17. Announcements
  18. Closing Worship

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