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Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee

The Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee works to deepen the spiritual life of the Yearly Meeting and the Local Meetings.

Click to see the complete description of the Committee as it appears in the current Manual of Procedure.

In addition to its own work, the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee has several working groups under its care. These are the Intervisitation Working Group, the Spiritual Formation Program Working Group, the Women's Retreat Working Group, and the Working Group on Racism.

The Manual of Procedure specifies that the Committee is responsible for maintaining a list of all Recorded Ministers within the Yearly Meeting. At present, there in one Recorded Minister, Marshall Sutton of Gunpowder Friends Meeting.

The Guidelines for Embracing the Ministry of Friends are maintained by the Committee, as well as providing support to the individual Committees of Oversight named by Local Meetings. The current version of the Guidelines was approved at Interim Meeting on October 19, 2013 and are also included in the Manual of Procedure.

Listed below are the current members of the Committee.

Gregory "Greg" Robb, Co-Clerk
Friends Meeting of Washington
Gary Sandman, Co-Clerk
Roanoke Friends Meeting
Henry Apencha
Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run
Walter Brown
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Windy Cooler
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting
Timothy "Tim" Hunt
Langley Hill Friends Meeting
Betty McCormick
Hopewell Centre Monthly Meeting
Martin Melville
State College Friends Meeting
Rebecca "Rep" Pickard
Gunpowder Friends Meeting
Eileen Stanzione
Patapsco Friends Meeting
Thomas "Tom" Webb
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Rita Willett
Richmond Friends Meeting

Spiritual State of the Meetings Reports

Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee Annual Reports

Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee Interchange Reports

Visioning Project Report

In 2010 and 2011, Baltimore Yearly Meeting undertook a project to consider the vision of the Yearly Meeting community. As a part of that project, each committee was asked to respond to a set of queries that had been promulgated by the ad hoc Visiting Ministers Committee. The Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee's responses are available here.

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