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Winter 2024 Interim Meeting

Saturday, March 23, 2024


Minutes from March 2024 Interim Meeting

Supporting Documents from March 2024 Interim Meeting

Minutes from April 2024 Called Interim Meeting


Agenda and Documents

Complete Agenda & Document Packet
Printed copies will be available at Interim Meeting


  1. Announcements (Tom Webb)
  2. Nominating Committee Report (Debbi Sudduth)
  3. Naming Committee (Gloria Victor-Dorr)
    Action: Consideration of Search Committee nominee
  4. Treasurer's Report (Jim Riley)
    Balance Sheet
    Statement of Activities
  5. Supervisory Committee Report (Betsy Tobin and Becka Rosenberg)
  6. Reproductive Justice Working Group (Sharon Stout & Katherine Cole)
    Action: Second consideration of BYM Minute on Reproductive Justice
  7. General Secretary's Report (Sarah Gillooly)
  8. Nominating Committee (Debbi Suduth & Frank Massey)
    Action: Procedure Change Concerning BYM Nominations to Sandy Spring Friends School Board of Trustees
  9. Stewardship & Finance Committee (Linda Pardoe)
    Action: Consideration of Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy
  10. Development Committee Report (Arthur Meyer Boyd)
  11. Presiding Clerk's Report (Steph Bean)
  12. Peace & Social Concerns Committee (Barbara Bezdek)
    Action: Consideration of a BYM Minutes on Ceasefire between Israel and Palestine
  13. Announcements

    Written Reports


Committees Scheduled to Meet

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