Working Group on Right Relationship with Animals Annual Reports

The text of recently received Annual Reports are below, with the most recently received at the top and older reports below. To jump to a particular report, simply click the year listed below.

2016 Report

2016 Report

Our working group convened officially for the first time at Annual Session last year. Our mission is to stimulate thought and discussion among Friends about the effect that our food choices and other personal decisions have on the lives of animals and on the rest of the living world. We have come up with several ideas for starting the conversation.

  • Adult Discussion sessions: Margaret Fisher has been travelling to meetings to lead discussions and would welcome invitations to the Meetings she has not yet reached. Pendle Hill Pamphlets will be publishing her manuscript this month (August 2016).
  • Video series: We have created four very short videos which can be viewed through our working group web page. More videos are in progress.
  • Plant-based meals: Vegan feasts at potluck time are a joyous way to break down misconceptions about meatless meals.
  • Self-study: Our web page includes suggestions for engaging books and videos.

It is an interesting challenge to learn how to address the topic of food in a way that welcomes all to the discussion. We are finding that humor, story-telling, self-deprecation, and non-dairy ice cream are invaluable tools in this endeavor. The greater challenge has been in attracting people to participate in the discussion to begin with. Apparently there is no subject more likely to drive away an audience than “The Spiritual Nature of Vegetarianism!”

A logistical challenge has been in finding ways for our group to meet, given the distance to Interim Meeting where those few Working Group members present often need to attend the meetings of other committees. Two attempts at teleconferencing were not well attended.

Margaret Fisher (Herndon)