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Nominating Committee Interchange Reports

Spring 2010 Interchange Report

Have you ever wondered how the Religious Society of Friends continues to thrive and change? The secret is Spirit-led Friends willing to dedicate time, energy, and hard work.

Serving on a BYM committee can be a very special experience. It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful work, deepen Quaker roots, and widen horizons by working with Friends from over 50 Monthly Meetings. The growing knowledge and inter-visitation experience you gain strengthens your Monthly Meeting as well.

Are you good at organizing, administration, or finance? Then consider Program Committee, Stewardship and Finance, Educational Funding Resources, Trustees, or Camp Property Management.

Are you good at outreach, fundraising, or representing Friends? How about Friends World Committee for Consultation, Advancement and Outreach, Friends House Trustees, FGC or FUM representative, or FCNL Board?

Do you like to work with children or youth? Consider Camping Program Committee, Religious Education, Youth Programs, Sandy Spring Friends School Board.

Do your gifts lie in care of Friends, environment, or advocacy? Why not Ministry and Pastoral Care, Peace and Social Concerns, Indian Affairs, Criminal and Restorative Justice, or Unity with Nature?

Are you good with detail and writing? What about Manual of Procedure or Faith and Practice Revision Committees?

Service is a three-year commitment, beginning at the August Annual Meeting this year. Most committees meet together at Interim and Annual Meetings as well as undertaking various activities throughout the year. See BYM’s website ( and the Yearbook for full descriptions.

To discuss further the gifts you may bring to the various openings, contact the clerk of a committee that interests you or a BYM Nominating Committee member.

Spring 2011 Interchange

BYM’s Second Annual Clerking/Leadership Workshop, sponsored by the Nominating Committee and led once again by Arthur Larrabee was hosted by Stony Run Friends Meeting on February 26th. With a Feb. 1st deadline for registration and Arthur’s requested limit of 40 participants, registration was filled by January 5th and a waiting list begun.

Local Meetings were well represented with participants from Abingdon, Annapolis, Bethesda, Friends Meeting of Washington, Gunpowder, Homewood, Langley Hill, Little Falls, Midlothian, Patapsco, Richmond, Roanoke, Sandy Spring, State College, Stony Run, and York. We were especially pleased to have two Young Friends from the Young Friends Executive Committee, who found that the workshop had helped them understand Quaker process. We are considering moving southward for next year’s workshop in order to be more accessible to meetings in southern Virginia, so we hope your Meeting will be open for invitations. Through the enthusiasm these workshops generate, we find new life moving into the Yearly Meeting. Friends who missed the February program may be interested in Katherine Smith’s Clerking Workshop at Annual Session on Thursday, number T11.

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