Yearbooks of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

The Yearbooks (also sometimes called Annuals) of Baltimore Yearly Meeting contain a record of the actions and work of the Yearly Meeting from one Annual Session to the next. Included are the minutes of every intervening session of Interim Meeting, reports from the committees of the Yearly Meeting, reports from the Yearly Meeting's representatives to other organizations, financial information, and contact information for the local meetings of the Yearly Meeting.

Generally, the Yearbook is prepared during the two months following Annual Session and made available to Friends at the first succeeding session of Interim Meeting. Copies are provided to each Local Meeting, as well as to many of the organizations with whom the Yearly Meeting has connections.

A downloadable pdf version of the 2017 Yearbook is available. Please note that, at the request of many Friends, this version does not include the Directory that is included in the print version. If you need to contact someone, please feel free to contact the Yearly Meeting office for assistance.

Listed below are links to the sections of the Yearbook. These sections are interactive, and continually updated over the course of the year as information changes. As a result, the information listed may differ from the "printed" information in the downloadable file.

2017 Epistles
Minutes of Interim Meeting
Minutes of Annual Session 2017
Committee Annual Reports
Affiliated Organization Reports
Financial Reports
Independent Auditor's Report
Calendar of Meetings
Committee Membership
Representatives to Affiliated Organization
Local Meetings of the Yearly Meeting
Travel Directions