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A picture of the Richmond Friends Meeting House

June 2022 Interim Meeting

June 11, 2022
Hybrid at Richmond Friends Meeting


  • 9:30am Worship
  • 10:00am Business
  • 12:00pm Lunch Break
  • 12:45pm Business Resumes
    Closing Worship at Conclusion of Business

Agenda & Supporting Documents

  1. Welcome from Richmond Meeting (Lynda Perry,  Clerk of Richmond)

  2. Introduction of New Staff (Sarah Gillooly)

  3. Youth Programs Manager Report (Lexi “Sunshine” Klein)

  4. Search Committee Report (Anne Bacon, Catharine Tunis)

  5. Naming Committee Report (David French, Donna Kolaetis)

  6. Nominating Committee Report (Deborah Haines)

  7. Travel Minutes for Jade Eaton and Jolee Robinson

  8. Maryland Health Care for All Resolution (Nikki Richards)

  9. Treasurer’s Report (Jim Riley)

  10. Development Director Report (Mary Braun)

  11. Stewardship and Finance Report Report (Linda Pardoe)

    1. Draft 2023 Budget

  12. Peace and Social Concerns Committee Request for Formation of Ad Hoc Committee (Annette Breiling)

    1. Info about Poor People's March on Washington

    2. Draft Minute on Conscience 

    3. Draft Minute on Personal Ethical Decisions and Separation of Religion and Government

  13. Friends United Meeting Report (prepared by Georgia Fuller)

    1. Conversations that can help us understand each other and maintain Unity among Friends

  14. Presiding Clerk (Stephanie Bean)

  15. Program Committee (Linda Coates)

  16. Camping Program Committee (Anna Best, Linda Garrettson)

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