American Friends Service Committee Interchange Reports

Winter 2012 Interchange

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is undergoing a restructuring/reorganization. Our region, the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR), has had programs in Logan, West Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and even some in New York State. This region will be merging with the South East Region (SERO). Many of you have been integral to the works of the AFSC though the decades. The new South Region will span 17 states, including some of the MAR areas; specifically the Maryland, Washington, DC, and West Virginia programs will go South, while Pennsylvania and New York programs move with the Northeastern region. It is easy to think that this is merely a financially motivated move. But “the most exciting part of this new structure is the opportunity to revitalize our ways of working together as corporation, board, staff, volunteers, Friends meetings and churches and community partners” according to Lucy Duncan, the Friends Liaison for the AFSC, in an informative piece for the February 2012 edition of Friends Journal.

As Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Representative to the Executive Committee, you may e-mail me ( any questions you have about this transitional time. You may also want to check out the AFSC website to read about their programs. Or talk with people about the work of AFSC. Several people from Baltimore Yearly Meeting are involved in programs, or serve on boards. I have been excited about the work being done in this region, work with prisoners and their families, with teachers and their curriculum, with youth in PA and WV, and with the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in WV. Moving forward will be exciting as we learn more about the good work being done in the Deeper and Deep South! As I write this a new South Regional director is being sought, and other regions are also in this process. What an exciting time!