Penn Hill Preparative Meeting Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports

The text of recently received Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports are below, with the most recently received at the top and older reports below. To jump to a particular report, simply click the year listed below. Previous reports were included with those of Little Britain Monthly Meeting.

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2017 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

This past year, at Penn Hill Friends Meeting, we have been challenged to deepen our understanding of what achieving a sense of the Meeting means. We have been struggling with communication and consensus issues. We participated in a Meeting intended to improve communication, called by Little Britain Monthly Meeting. We were grateful for generous support, through listening and moderating, from Eastland Friends as part of this meeting. However, the issues remain, and we have asked for assistance from the BYM Committee on Ministry and Pastoral Care. One positive result of our struggling with these issues has been that two of our members have become more active.

We continue to have fruitful First Day School sessions, enriched by our itinerant preacher attender, who has extensive biblical and historical knowledge.

Our Meeting gained two members this year.

2016 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

No report received.

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