Nottingham Monthly Meeting Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports

The text of recently received Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports are below, with the most recently received at the top and older reports below. To jump to a particular report, simply click the year listed below.

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2017 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

No report received.

2016 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

No report received.

2015 Report

We are grateful to have core groups of Friends who faithfully come together to worship as Nottingham Monthly Meeting. We are bound together by love. We face challenges as many of our members look forward to the changes that retirement brings and recognize that these may direct us to reexamine our needs and hopes as a community. Friends value the spiritual support of members as they face the demands of aging parents, health concerns and many of life’s changes and challenges. We rejoice together and share our joys and burdens.

We find great joy in welcoming the visits to and from Friends who have moved to other meetings and communities.

We value the faithfulness of Friends whose dedication makes it possible for us to continue to use the three meetinghouses in our care on a regular basis. Friends meet in Oxford every First Day. The Brick Meetinghouse in Calvert, Maryland is open for worship on the first and third First Days of the month. Adult Religious Education is held on the third First Day of each month at Brick. Little Elk meetinghouse is open on occasion during the summer months.

We continue to encourage the ministry of Friends who seek to open the Brick Meetinghouse for worship and hope that the spiritual fellowship that has grown there will continue.

Friends have enjoyed an annual Christmas caroling event at Brick Meetinghouse and other music events in the summer months providing outreach to the community.

Friends Folk Club holds concerts in Oxford, open to the community, giving us an opportunity to welcome visitors to our meetinghouse and extend our outreach into the neighborhood.

Friends were saddened by the closure of George Fox Friends School after 20 years of operation. We embrace the tireless efforts of the dedicated Friends who have enlightened the lives of the many children who came through the school. We are very thankful for the spiritual support of the school by the meetings of Nottingham Quarterly Meeting, Sadsbury Friends and PYM Western Quarterly Meeting.

When preparing the Spiritual State of the Meeting, we find the process and discussions both useful and meaningful for our spiritual growth. We prayerfully seek the guidance of the Spirit.

2014 Report

No report received.

2013 Report

We seek the guidance of the Spirit and ways to nurture our diverse worship community. We enjoy fellowship when we are together and hope to find more opportunities to join together. Friends have expressed a sense that their efforts for the benefit of the community are valued and appreciated.

We held meeting for worship with a concern for business at Brick Meetinghouse in October, in order to include the Friends who worship there in the process of Quaker decision-making. Friends continue to seek ways to nurture and care for one another although worshipping in different places at the same time.

With three meetinghouses, Oxford, Brick and Little Elk, and two burial grounds, under our care, we recognize that our concerns for the material care of the meeting properties are often challenging. We find the working together rewarding and helpful in building fellowship. Friends hope that we can build on the momentum these efforts to enrich our spiritual care of the community.

While we continue to be concerned about our small size, we are welcoming new attenders along with inquiries regarding membership this year.
Friends were saddened by the loss of Dorothy Matlack in September 2013. Her memorial service was inspiring.

George Fox Friends School continues to enrich the lives of young children and their families. The work and efforts of our members who work closely with the school inspires us. The meeting community addressed a request for additional financial support, but failed to reach unity on how to aid the school.
We were glad to have more Friends participating in the Oxford Area Crop walk this year. Five Friends enjoyed the fellowship and the pleasant weather to support a worthwhile local fundraising effort in October.

Friends continue to enjoy and value a book discussion group which meets monthly throughout the year.

The heart of our meeting is resilient and sincere. We continue to seek ways to reach out to our neighbors and the larger community.

2012 Report

Many of us have felt stretched between the monthly meeting in Oxford and the community which meets for worship at the historic Brick meetinghouse. We have felt a lack of unity about our direction. Friends are welcoming a sense of a turning tide in our meeting. We have been earnestly seeking the guidance of the Spirit and endeavor to work with love and patience with one another. We seek for opportunities to bring harmony within our community. We value and appreciate the loving concern of Betsy Meyer, presiding clerk of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, travelling in a caring ministry to nurture small meetings.

We appreciate the efforts of everyone who is willing to care for the meetinghouses and burial grounds under our care. Friends and families are picking up and sharing the tasks of those who have moved on, providing resources which benefit our community.

The community meeting for worship and first day school at the Brick meetinghouse has become a cohesive and growing faith group. They share a love of the historic setting and a sense of adventure worshiping in a building with few amenities. The community brings together members of other faith traditions, which many feel enriches the worship experience and draws us closer to the Spirit.

The faithfulness of Friends worshipping at Oxford displays a sense of loyalty to one another and the conviction that we have a ministry to fulfill in the community. While we have not experienced the lively growth seen at the Brick, we joyfully welcome visitors and are always delighted when past members join us for worship. We have actively sought to make our meetinghouse welcoming. When the building is used for community concerts and programs we have updated information about Friends worship and practices available for visitors.

We are humbled by the Spirit which guides George Fox Friends School. In an era of shrinking budgets, the school continues to enrich the lives of young children and their families.

Several Friends have moved a distance from our community. We rejoice for them as they find comfort in their new homes. We miss them and look forward to visits when they travel in our area. Many friends continue to keep connected with and visit our distant Friends.

Our members generously supported the Oxford Area Crop Walk. Our two walkers raised more per capita than the average of any other congregation participating. Well done!

We celebrate the faithfulness of our communities. We seek ways to nurture and build community among our f/Friends. We humbly listen for the Spirit’s guidance on our journey.

2011 Report

No report received.