Eastland Preparative Meeting Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports

The text of recently received Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports are below, with the most recently received at the top and older reports below. To jump to a particular report, simply click the year listed below. Previous reports were included with those of Little Britain Monthly Meeting.

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2017 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

No report received.

2016 Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

Eastland members continue to meet regularly. We gather at 10AM for First Day School to discuss Bible lessons for adults and have a separate program for the children. Meeting for Worship gathers at 11 AM. We are glad to welcome visitors. Most of our visitors are from BYM.

Attendance at Meeting for Worship varies. We are a small group and find spiritual support in a wide variety of Quaker interactions. We are blessed by a Quarterly Meeting that covers a small geographic region, allowing us to interact regularly with members of Nottingham Meeting, the Brick, Penn Hill and also Sadsbury Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. We continue to strive to stay connected to BYM through Interim Meeting, Annual Sessions and Committee work. We had a productive joint meeting of Nottingham Quarter member to prayerfully consider and discuss the queries within the current draft of Faith and Practice.

Our members were able to provide physical assistance with the closing of George Fox Friends School and assisted with a variety of sales of office and school items. We participated in the 200th anniversary celebration of Drumore Meeting, coordinating outreach with Lancaster and Sadsbury Meetings. Lancaster Meeting developed a brochure that included all the Lancaster County Meetings and was individualized for each meeting to hand out to visitors as additional outreach. The local Historical Society provided an opportunity for a presentation to about 250 attendees about the Southern Lancaster County Quaker involvement in the Underground Railroad and a repeat presentation at Quarterly Meeting brought some additional visitors to Penn Hill Meeting House.

We let our lives speak. Many or our active members and attenders are employed in service jobs allowing us regular interaction with our neighbors, our community, and a wide diversity of living styles and cultures. We have elderly members that also find support within our meeting community, keeping them connected and providing some respite to their family members.