2018 Spiritual State of the Meeting Queries

26th Eleventh Month 2018

Dear Meeting Clerks and Clerks of Ministry and Pastoral Care Committees,

It is time again to prepare to submit your Spiritual State of the Meeting report, which reflects the experience of your Meeting during the past calendar year. We hope this can be an animating exercise for your Meeting.

Your work is vital for the life of our Yearly Meeting. Please be frank about the concerns, questions and joys you are facing. Your experiences, no matter how small, can offer great insights to other Meetings.

In the early Spring, members of the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee will read your reports carefully with openness to common themes and insights to help us discern the Spiritual State of the Yearly Meeting. That report will be presented at the Annual Session in August.

Over the winter months, please take time to reflect on your experience as a Meeting in 2018 and discern a deeper understanding of its Spiritual State. Please forward your completed report to the YM office no later than 15 Fourth Month 2019.

We are offering these queries this year to guide your reflection and experience:

  • With fierce winds of political discord and violent expressions of hate swirling in the world around us, what does your community do to strengthen our attention to the Spirit in Meeting for Worship?
  • What do you do to strengthen the Quaker “roots” of your community?
  • There seem to be dueling forces among Friends. We recognize we can be a shining light and healing presence in troubled times, while on the other hand, we value our individual Meeting Community so much we can be unwelcoming to change or discordant voices. What is your meeting’s experience of this? Do you sense a tendency to avoid tension by not discussing differing points of view?
  • Is your Meeting a diverse community: racially, philosophically/politically, theologically? How is that expressed? In what ways?

As you discern we hold your Meeting in the Light and eagerly anticipate reading your report.

In the Light,
Melanie Gifford and Rebecca Richards, co-clerks
and the members of Ministry and Pastoral Care for Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Again, please note, reports are due to the YM office by 15 Fourth Month 2019. Electronic responses are strongly encouraged and may be sent to admin@bym-rsf.org.

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