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Friends Committee on Scouting Interchange Reports

Winter 2015 Interchange

Six Hundred Million Hours!

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is the international connection between the various national Scout associations. Among other things, it sponsors a badge called “Messengers of Peace” that the Scout can earn. The requirements include the creation of volunteer service projects to benefit the Scout’s home community. This was inaugurated about three years ago. WOSM recently announced that they had documented over six hundred million person hours of service through five million different projects throughout the world. Many projects are here in the US also. With the troubles apparent around the world, it is important to remember that there are many people, young and old, that live by ideals we share and worthy of celebrating.

Spring 2012 Interchange

The Religious Society of Friends sponsors awards that Boy Scouts , Girl Scouts , Girl Guides, and Campfire members may earn. These awards are intended as a means for the young boy or girl to learn about their faith and be recognized for their accomplishment. They have also been used as curriculum for First Day classes.

The “That of God” award is intended for grades 2 thru 5. It encourages the young boy or girl to explore their spiritual journey in sections on ‘Me’, ‘My Family’ and ‘My Meeting’. The “Spirit of Truth” award is intended for grades 6 thru 12, and focuses on ‘Word’, ‘Worship’ and ‘Witness.’ Quaker belief, personages, history, process, and service to the Meeting are explored. These awards are earned by the youth, under the tutelage of a member of their home meeting or church. There are workbooks and guide books available thru the Friends Committee on Scouting website, Canadian Friends may earn the “Religion in Life” award, with similar requirements.

The Friends Committee on Scouting, an affiliate group of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, administers the awards in America and Canada, and is the official liason to the various Scout and Campfire organizations. The Committee has members in all areas of the USA and Canada. The FCoS invites all interested Friends involved in Scouting or Campfire to join our work, or just donate to our activities. Contact the FCoS at and on Facebook.

FCoS members James Lehman (301.774.7561) of Sandy Spring Meeting and Tim Mullady (410.353.6594) of Annapolis Meeting will be serving as Scout Chaplains at the National Jamboree in 2013.

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