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Quaker Earthcare Witness Interchange Reports

Winter 2015 Interchange

As Meetings discern a response to BYM’s request to look at global climate change, depletion of human resources and the degradation of the environment, they are encouraged to check out the rich selection of resources on the Quaker Earthcare Witness’ (QEW) web site. QEW has been seeking emerging insights into Right Relationship with Earth and Unity with Nature for over 25 years.

QEW on-line materials include leaflets (the latest is on Fossil Fuel Divestiture), a newsletter (BeFriending Creation), and in-depth Eco-Bulletins. Our own Will Candler from Annapolis has co-written an Eco-Bulletin on “Necessary Action to Address Climate Change.”

Many Friends have expertise in a variety of environmental areas which they share in on-line discussions. Currently, an on-line book discussion (Douglas Gwyn’s A Sustainable Life) is being organized. QEW participates in Facebook and Twitter.

Fall 2014 Interchange Report

QEW is a rich resource for local Meetings as they discern their response to global climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation. Meetings and individuals do not “join” QEW but instead contribute to the support of the work of this 25 year old organization. QEW is included in our Baltimore Yearly Meeting budget. Friends can order, from the website , all the literature that QEW has produced - from tri-folds to study guides. Many Meetings order copies of the tri-folds that contain a Quaker perspective on a particular environmentally related issue with a list of pertinent resources at the end. A new tri-fold is usually published each year and this year’s “ Energy Efficient Travel Options”, is very practical, addressing the choices we make in traveling. I urge you to take a look for yourself and your Meeting and if you have any questions please contact Toni Hudson, BYM’s representative to QEW at

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