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Pendle Hill Interchange Reports

Winter 2012 Interchange

Pat Schenck Writes Newest Pendle Hill Pamphlet

Living Our Testimony on Equality: A White Friend’s Experience, Pat Schenck’s second pamphlet for the Pendle Hill series, was published in December, 2011. Their website says, “writing openly and personally about her successes, failures, and discoveries, [Pat] shares her stories and offers wisdom to white Friends, in particular, who wish to create more diverse, welcoming, and fully supportive communities of all races in our meetings and in our lives. Discussion questions included.”

Pat Schenck is a member of Annapolis Friends Meeting and the founder of the BYM Working Group on Racism. The members of the Working Group are proud of her efforts and the good writing that produced this pamphlet. Not only do we encourage everyone to read it, but we also encourage Meetings to organize discussion sessions to consider its contents for yourselves and your meetings. Pat would be glad to participate in these discussions, so do not hesitate to contact her with an invitation. You can reach her at

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