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Friends Committee on National Legislation

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is a public interest lobby founded in 1943 by members of the Religious Society of Friends. FCNL seeks to bring the concerns, experiences, and testimonies of Friends to bear on policy decisions in the nation’s capital. People of many religious backgrounds participate in this work. FCNL’s staff and volunteers work with a nationwide network of thousands to advocate social and economic justice, peace, and good government.

FCNL is governed by a General Committee of 240 Friends, two-thirds of whom are appointed by 26 of the U.S. Yearly Meetings and seven national Friends organizations; the other third is appointed by the General Committee itself. All members of the General Committee must be members of the Religious Society of Friends and U. S. citizens. The General Committee meets each November to conduct business that includes establishing legislative policy and priorities. Between these Annual Meetings an Executive Committee and several other Committees guide the program and administration of FCNL. Further information is available at the FCNL web site.

The six Baltimore Yearly Meeting representatives to the FCNL are nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting, two each year for three-year terms.

These representatives are selected from those interested in the work of the Friends Committee on National Legislation and are expected to participate in its meetings. They attempt to educate other persons concerning the purposes of the Friends Committee on National Legislation in the area of civic action in matters of concern to Friends, and to interest others in contributing to, and working for, this organization.  

The current representatives to FCNL are:

Jesse Greer  - Adelphi                      Matthew D'Agostino - Stony Run

Kallan Benson - Annapolis                Luke Mayhew - Homewood 

Walter Brown - Langley Hill             Doug Vaughn - Stony Run 

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