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2019 Yearbook

2020 Budget Notes

Operating Budget Summary
This section summarizes the income and expenses for the Operating Budget.

Apportionment is 25 percent of Monthly Meeting income subject to apportionment. Some Meetings indicated that, due to their particular circumstances, they intend to pay a different amount than 25 percent of their income; those adjusted amounts are included in the proposed 2020 apportionments. The budget also includes a small allowance for unpaid apportionment. The 2020 budget relies on Monthly Meetings paying their approved apportionment amounts.

“Released Funds - Other Gifts and Grants” are amounts transferred from restricted funds to be used for the fund’s purpose. The amount on line 8 under income is equal to the amount on line 23 under expenses. More detail is provided at the bottom of page page 26 under Administration Details.

Line 20 shows a $2,000 transfer to a newly created PPRRSM Designated Fund. (PPRRSM stands for Provision for Plant Replacement, Renewal and Special. Maintenance.) Stewardship and Finance intends to increase the amount transferred to the PPRRSM Fund in future years.

To further build the PPRRSM Fund, Stewardship and Finance recommends that funds designated for upkeep on the office property (line 19) that are not spent in the budget year be added to the PPRRSM Fund. We suggest beginning this practice in 2019.

Administrative expenses do not include an anticipated $25,000 to support a long-range planning process in 2020. Stewardship and Finance hopes this can be funded from undesignated reserves.

Total committee expenses are more than twice what committees spent in 2018. Although most committees are not receiving their full budget request as a dedicated line item, the amount for Committee Contingencies has been increased from $1,000 to $4,000. When committees need more than their dedicated line item, they can request additional funds from the Committee Contingency Fund through the General Secretary. Stewardship and Finance’s intent is that all committees have access to the funds they need to carry out their committee activities.

Contributions to FGC, FUM, and FWCC remain the same as in 2019, while contributions to other organizations have been reduced. Per Stewardship and Finance policy, the budget includes contributions to organizations that BYM sends a representative to or is affiliated with. Contributions to church councils and the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department are made on advice from the General Secretary. In years when there are sufficient funds, BYM will contribute to other organizations selected by Peace and Social Concerns. If BYM has an overall surplus in 2020, Stewardship and Finance may bring a recommendation to Spring 2021 Interim Meeting to increase contributions to other organizations.

Camp Program and Property
Please see reports from the Camping Program Committee, Camp Property Management Committee, Camp Program Manager, and Camp Property Manager for information about the camping program and camp property.

The Capital Budget shows capital expenses associated with camp properties.

Interest payments for Catoctin bathhouse Friendly Loans (line 31) are covered by increased camping fees. The increased fees were also intended to build reserves to repay loan principal, so the 2018 and 2019 budgets included transfers to a Designated Fund for Friendly Loan Repayment (line 32). A similar transfer is not in the 2020 budget because it would result in a deficit budget for Camp Program and Property. Should Camp Program and Property end 2020 with a surplus, Stewardship and Finance may bring a recommendation to Spring 2021Interim Meeting to transfer the amount of the surplus, up to $34,896, to the Friendly Loan Repayment Fund.

Other Programs
For information about these programs, please see reports from their oversight committees and staff:

Annual Session Program Committee
STRIDE STRIDE Working Group (Growing Diverse Leadership)
Youth Programs Youth Programs Committee, Youth Programs Manager
Women’s Retreat Women’s Retreat Working Group (Ministry and Pastoral Care)
Spiritual Formation Spiritual Formation Program Working Group (Ministry and Pastoral Care)


“Additional Programs” is a placeholder for occasional events such as a clerking workshop.

STRIDE income includes a one-time transfer of $40,000 from an ad hoc Diversity Fund and the remaining $4,950 from the Shoemaker grant (line 17). The Diversity Funds came from contributions to BYM for diversity work and from other STRIDE Working Group fundraisers to cover camp scholarships and other program expenses. STRIDE contributions and program expenses are included in BYM’s 2020 operating budget.

Capital Budget
The Camp Property Capital Budget currently is funded solely through restricted contributions.

The Designated Fund for Friendly Loan repayment is being funded through increased camper fees and set-asides from the Camp Property Capital budget. Budgeted transfers through 2021 will cover loan principal repayments through 2021 and 75 percent of the remaining principal repayment due in 2022. Refinancing the Friendly Loans over a longer repayment period could alleviate some of the pressure on the Camp Property Capital Budget.

Summary of Contributions to Operating and Capital Budgets
The Development Committee sets the amount of total contributions for the operating and capital budgets.

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