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Manual of Procedure

XI. Changes in the Manual of Procedure

Changes in the Manual of Procedure may be initiated by Interim Meeting or by any member or any committee of the Yearly Meeting. Ideally, the proposal is first presented in writing to the Interim Meeting. The Interim Meeting will consider the proposal at its next meeting. If considered appropriate as presented or revised, the proposal will be forwarded to the Yearly Meeting at its next session, except that changes presented by the Manual of Procedure Committee implementing a policy adopted at the last Annual Session do not have to be forwarded. Where substantive changes have been made (that is, changes that alter the meaning of the Manual, for example, adding a new committee or laying down an existing one), the changes are forwarded. The Yearly Meeting in session receives proposed changes and may approve, reject, postpone, or return the proposed change to the Interim Meeting for further consideration. In any case, a written report of the action of the Interim Meeting is to be sent to those initiating the item, who may then, if so led, take the matter directly to a Yearly Meeting session.

The Manual of Procedure Committee incorporates into the Manual changes in procedure adopted by the Yearly Meeting and recommends changes in procedure deemed useful to the Yearly Meeting. When proposing changes, Yearly Meeting members or committees may find it helpful to work with the Manual of Procedure Committee. In the interest of accuracy and clarity, the Manual of Procedure Committee may copy-edit the Manual of Procedure. The Manual of Procedure Committee is not responsible for making changes to entries in XII. Appendices.

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