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Seeing the Light of God in Those You Don’t Like

Saturday, April 3, 2021
3:00 pm4:30 pm

Saturday, April 3rd, 3pm to 4:30 pm by zoom. Pre-register below. Presenter: Karen Tibbals. Our country is divided. Even Quakers are divided. We have a hard time agreeing on anything. Is there a way to love people who are difficult? A way to see the Light of God in others we disagree with. Karen's presentation will help you acquire a deep understanding of people’s values and how it informs their stance on issues. You can learn how to take into account the other’s perspective so you can love one another. Karen will share insights from her new book: Persuade, Don't Preach: Restoring Civility across the political Divide which was endorsed by spiritual teacher Richard Rohr as a “helpful guide to understanding people in such a way that you can talk to them more productively.”

Karen Tibbals is former co-clerk of Rahway Plainfield Monthly Meeting in New Jersey and a graduate of Earlham School of Religion. She has been doing presentations at various Quaker meetings and regional gatherings.

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