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BYM Camps 100th Anniversary Celebration

August 26-28, 2022
Catoctin Quaker Camp, Thurmont, MD


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Draft Weekend Schedule


  • Folks arrive,  settle into cabins and tents- find their socio/work group
  • Simple dinner- with clean up followed by
  • Gathering in the field after dinner for introductions and maybe a song or game. 
  • A fire circle for those inclined


  • Breakfast- with clean up
  • We will have MFW in the morning and then activities lined up for children and then some work available for those who want to do a project.
  • Craft activity, game on the frazz field, walk of the property
  • Lunch - with clean up  followed by optional rest period and then a hike to Coffee Hollow, possible climbing at Fishing Creek and lots of time for talking and connecting, swimming, and boating. 
  • A visioning session for the BYM Camp strategic plan will probably  be held this afternoon.  
  • We will have timelines up about camp and encourage everyone to add memories and significant moments to these during the whole weekend
  • Saturday evening will include singing, Talent Show, and probably a second Fire Circle.


  • Breakfast with clean up
  • Meeting for Worship
  • Pond time and All camp clean-up
  • Lunch and depart

BYM Camps Anniversary Celebration Registration


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Housing & Dietary Needs

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Registration Rates for BYM Camps 100th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

Registration for the BYM Camps 100th Anniversary Celebration Weekend is on a sliding scale. Registration rates are for adult participants. Children attende free with their registered adult(s)!

Level A: Full Cost - $250/per adult

Level B: Partial Cost - $175/per adult

Level C: Basic Cost - $100/per adult

Level D: Free


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