West Branch Friends Meeting

Contact Information
Mailing address: c/o William Thorp, 178 Nellie's Road, Grampian, Pennsylvania 16838
Meeting place address: 415 First Street, Grampian, Pennsylvania 16838
Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible (bathrooms are not accessible)
Hearing Assistance: No hearing assistance available
Telephone: 814-236-9776
First Day: Worship: 11:00 am
Religious Education: First Day School: 10:00 am
Business Meeting: At the call of the Clerk
Officers and Clerks
Clerk: William Thorp
Treasurer: Adam McGary
Recording Clerk: Donna McGary
Recorder: Susan "Sue" Johnson
Ministry and Counsel: Dorothy McCracken
Outreach: Nancy Wriglesworth
Peace and Social Concerns: Mike Rancik
Religious Education: Lori Rancik
Travel Directions

On US 219, 12 miles southwest of Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

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