Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting Interchange Reports

Winter 2013 Interchange

We mourn the loss of our dear Friend, Jeff Leber, who came to our Meeting with a love for seeking and learning. He was an inspiration to us all as he dealt with his cancer, and then gracefully passed on.

Dunnings Creek Meeting has been busy reviewing new and different avenues for outreach in the surrounding community. We are also in the process of planning and getting ready to construct a meditation labyrinth on the side of the Meeting House that is rarely used. All are welcome to come and explore our new project when it is completed. Stay tuned for the “grand opening” announcement. Who knows, “if we build it, they may come.” Christmas Eve came with snow and ice, but several families braved the elements for a cozy and intimate Meeting, sharing musical gifts and reading and of course good food.

Winter 2012 Interchange

We have enjoyed a healthy attendance accompanied with interesting and though-provoking adult discussions for First Day. Even though many of our long-standing members were away for the holiday, our Christmas Eve was small but warm and intimate. We will miss our long time Friends of Holly and Gene Coia who have headed off to New Orleans seeking their new chapter in life. However, we are very happy to welcome our newest addition, Bennet Elizabeth Spitzer-Koontz, born January 18 to Heather Koontz and Todd Spitzer.

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