The Firecircle is the Yearly Meeting's annual camping newsletter. Issued every fall, the Firecircle highlights the just concluded camping season and delivers news and announcements of the coming year's season.

At the bottom of this page are links to prior editions of the Firecircle that can be downloaded as pdf files.

Anyone interested in submitting an article or photograph for the next issue of the Firecircle should send it to Jane Megginson, Camp Program Manager.

2016 Firecircle

The Last Flush for Catoctin
More Than A Theme Park - The Pursuit of a Full-bodied Outdoor Experience
Camp the Key to Success in Life?
My First Year at my Second Home
Taking STRIDEs: BYM’s Growing Diverse Leadership Initiative Provides Expanded Opportunities to Live out the Quaker Value of Equality in a World that Badly Needs It.
A Safe Place to Pee
BYM Camps Break Records, Great New Co-Directors
New Facilities and Trees Continue Growth at Camp
Family Camp Weekends
Camping Program Committee Members
Camp Property Management Committee Members

2015 Firecircle

Making Love Visible: Catoctin’s Bathhouses and Finding Spirituality in Unexpected Places
BYM Greening Campaign - Our Witness to the World
TNT: Try New Things
Training our Fabulous Camp Staff
Growth: A Balance of Challenge Circles
Camp Generations
Camp Property Manager Looking Toward the Future
BYM Camps Looking Ahead to Exciting Opportunities

2014 Firecircle

BYM Camps Have Another Record Breaking Year!
From East DC to Shiloh: Campers Speak
Camp Scholarships at Work
American Chestnuts Lead Growth at Camp Properties
Discovering Friends Wilderness Center
Work Grants are Wonderful Work
What is a Work Grant?