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Work with and for Friends

American Friends Service Committee Extends Application Deadline
The American Friends Service Committee is extending the application deadline for the organization's leadership position of General Secretary to November 7. We seek a spiritually motivated Friend with a deep commitment to learning from others, demonstrated management experience, and familiarity with current AFSC programs. Please help us by encouraging Friends whom you feel are suited to the position to apply by direct conversation with them, or by nominating candidates, sending their names and contact information to the search committee clerk: dshenkel@afsc.org. The job description and link to the application process can be found on the AFSC website (afsc.org) under “Employment.”

FUM Announces Ramallah Quaker Life Coordinator
In response to strong and consistent requests from all stakeholders in the Ramallah Friends School community, Friends United Meeting is creating a new field staff position titled “Ramallah Quaker Life Coordinator.” This long-term field staff position, to be filled by a mature Christian Quaker. As a member of the FUM field staff, the Ramallah Quaker Life Coordinator will work with the Global Ministries staff to develop prayer and financial support sufficient to sustain the ministry. Applications will be received until the position is filled. For more information and to submit a resume and cover letter, contact: Eden Grace (765 962 7573 or edeng@fum.org), Director of Global Ministries, Friends United Meeting, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond IN 47374. The Coordinator’s position will include the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the ethics curriculum across all grade levels (this is the place in the curriculum where Quakerism and Friends testimonies are explicitly taught as a subject).
  • Support the teachers of the Christianity curriculum (government-mandated for Christian students) in their holistic presentation of the gospel.
  • Facilitate a deepening understanding and practice of Quakerism throughout the whole school, including helping students, teachers, parents, staff, Board members, and the wider community understand and apply elements of Quaker faith and practice in the RFS educational program.
  • Assist the Principals to plan and lead the morning assembly (Chapel) program.
  • Manage the Friends-in-Residence program for short and long term volunteers in the school.
  • Support the school’s efforts in communicating the unique aspects of a Quaker education to a wider local and international audience.
  • Provide spiritual encouragement and discipleship to Christian students, families and staff.
  • Cultivate relationships with the Friends Council on Education and various Friends schools and Quaker educators in order to strengthen the community of practice for RFS teachers and students.
  • Over time, seek to discern possible openings for strengthening the ministry of Friends in the Palestinian context beyond the confines of the school, working in collaboration with Ramallah Monthly Meeting as way opens.
  • Report to the RFS Head of School and closely coordinate activities with the divisional principals.

Rammallah Friends School seeks new Head of School
Friends United Meeting is accepting applications for the position of Head of Ramallah Friends School (RFS), located in Ramallah, Palestine. This is a full-time long-term field staff position within the Global Ministries Department of Friends United Meeting. The Head of School is the senior member of the RFS staff, responsible for ensuring FUM’s faithful stewardship as owners of the school and shepherding its mission of providing a distinctively Friends education to Palestinian boys and girls since 1869. The Head of School reports to the Director of Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting, and works in a mutually-accountable relationship with the Board of Trustees of the School. More information about the position can be found here. More information about Ramallah Friends School can be discovered on their website and Facebook page.