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August 18 - 20 - Quaker Religious Education Collaborative Gathering
Quaker Hill (Richmond, IN)

Join the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative for their 4th Annual Gathering. There will be a panel discussion on What is the Role of the Bible in Quaker Religious Education?, workshops, interest groups, and 2 nights of singing and music with Annie Patterson. For more information, including registration, go to www.quakers4re.org. The Quaker Religious Education Collaborative is a grassroots network of Friends holding a sense of stewardship for life-long Quaker Faith formation.

August 25 – 27 – Gathering of Friends of African Descent
Chestnut Hill Meeting House (Philadelphia, PA)

The theme this year is “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us” and is taken from…Isaiah 61.1 and Luke 4:18. Come testify to the movement of the Spirit in our midst and the work of the Spirit in our communities. A number of us are offering home hospitality for those who want to visit in homes. Registration will open soon, and you can find an overview of the program and other details on the website.

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October 1 - World Quaker Day - #WorldQuakerDay2017

Sunday, October 1 marks World Quaker Day, the day where we Friends celebrate worldwide our different ways of worship, traditions, and practices. This year's theme is Gathering in Worship around the World. For more information, visit www.worldquakerday.org.

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