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June 2017 Events

June 27 – FCNL Advocacy Team Launch and Training
Herndon Friends Meeting (Herndon, VA)

This is your chance to take effective action with Congress by joining an FCNL Advocacy Team. Learn how you can influence your members of Congress and their staff through face-to-face conversations, drive the media coverage you want to see, and build a strategic team in your community that lobbies as part of a powerful national advocacy network. Join FCNL's 2017 campaign to prevent increases in Pentagon spending that would come at a cost to our communities, health, and environment. This workshop will be led by Maiya Zwerling, FCNL National Field Organizer, and will begin at 6pm with an optional potluck supper at 5:30pm. Please RSVP: http://act.fcnl.org/event/advocacy-teams_attend/126.

June 30 – July 2 – Dayspring Silent Retreat for Baltimore Yearly Meeting Friends
Dayspring Retreat Center (Germantown, MD)

Take this opportunity to hear the Still Small Voice while walking in the meadow or warming at the hearth. Annapolis Friends will be joined by other Baltimore Yearly Meeting Friends, space allowing. In the past there has been ample room! The warmth of spiritual community in the heart of winter, amid nature’s beauty--what a blessing! Love and Light to you as you consider joining in this adventure. The purpose of silent retreat is the deepening of communion with God, with other persons and with oneself. ... (W)e make space for...a time of waiting in silence, in solitude, to hear the voice of the One “Who speaks in everything that is, and who, most of all, speaks in the depths of our own being.” (Thomas Merton). Cost is $220. Registration deadline is June 23 or when full. For more information or to register, contact Jean Christianson. (jschristianson@gmail.com or 410-544-1912)

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September 2017 Events

September 16 –– Retreat for Clerks of BYM Committees and Working Groups
Langley Hill Friends Meeting (McLean, VA)

The clerks of BYM Committees and Working Groups– past, present, and future – are invited to gather for a day of worship and preparation for the new committee year. We will have time to worship, share information about the role and tasks of a clerk, and especially to share our knowledge and wisdom with each other. Please bring questions you’d like to explore, and insights about committee life and clerking to share. We will look at some of the nuts and bolts of clerking a BYM committee, including such different things as recognizing and nurturing gifts of committee members, as well as using internet and computer technology to connect with one another, and working with BYM staff. We will discuss and discern how to nurture our committees to keep them spiritually centered and vital as we serve our Yearly Meeting and local Meetings. The retreat will begin at 10am and run until 4pm.

September 24 – 30 Years of Letting Our Light Shine
Midlothian Friends Meeting (Midlothian, VA)

Midlothian Friends Meeting will be celebrating 30 years of Letting Our Light Shine on Sunday, September 24th to mark the thirtieth anniversary since the start of the meeting in September of 1987. All F(f)riends from everywhere are warmly welcome to celebrate with us. We especially hope those F(f)riends who had a hand in establishing, supporting, participating, or attending the Meeting (in any way) over the years are able to join us. The morning and lunchtime events will be as follows:

  • 10:00am - Our usual “Circle of Friends” will begin at 10:00am instead of 10:15am. It will be devoted to sharing memories, experiences, and advice about starting a Quaker meeting, or some Friends may prefer to visit our meeting library that contains many historical displays, pictures, and information about Quakers and Midlothian Friends Meeting in particular.
  • 11:00am - Worship will be held in the manner of Friends.
  • 12:15pm - Potluck lunch, followed by an Ice Cream Social (with all the trimmings) will begin after welcomes and announcements. Seating and tables will be set up on the large front porch of the Meeting House and on the back deck of the Meeting House. Indoor seating for eating will also be available.
  • 1:15pm - Items to be buried in a Time Capsule will be accepted during the morning and a ceremony to bury the filled capsule will be held on the Meeting House grounds.
  • For the Kids - A nature walk that includes a visit to an adjacent Llama farm will begin at 10:00am for kids (and those adults who are a “kid at heart”). “First Day” (Sunday) School will be held in our Religious Education Building for toddlers and elementary/middle school kids, starting at 11:15am. Please note that teens routinely worship with the adults at Midlothian Friends Meeting; or if so-called, they enjoy the hundred acres of wooded setting surrounding the Meeting House.

Please come for any or all of the above events. If you would like to come but need overnight accommodations at the Meeting House in order to do so, please email Quaker_Town_Crier@msn.com.

October 2017 Events

October 21 - Goose Creek Meeting House Bicentennial Celebration
Goose Creek Friends Meeting (Lincoln, VA)

Join Goose Creek Friends from 10am to 3pm in their celebration of 200 years of the Meeting House. There will be a pot-luck lunch and other activities.

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March 2018 Events

March 24 - Peace and Social Concerns Networking Day
Sandy Spring Friends School (Sandy Spring, MD)

Save the date. More details will be provided as the date approaches.

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