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April 2017 Events

April 28 – March Today, Lobby Tomorrow Training
Friends Meeting of Washington (Washington, DC)

Join FCNL lobbyist Emily Wirzba for a 90-minute training on how to effectively engage and build a relationship with your members of Congress on climate change. Learn how to request a visit, how to structure a lobby visit, and how to find a group of people willing to lobby with you. Hear why persistent citizen lobbying from a place of faith is so important and can transform the national dialogue on climate change. The training in preparation for the People’s Climate March being held on Saturday will begin at 4:30pm. There will be a potluck open to all Friends at 6:00 and Meeting for Worship at 7:00.

April 28 – 30, 2017 – Men’s Retreat
Catoctin Quaker Camp (Thurmont, MD)

Since 2002, men from Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run have gathered early in the spring to build connections among Friends at one of BYM’s magnificent camps. In recent years, male Friends from other Meetings have participated in the weekend. This year, all men Friends in BYM are invited to register and gather at Catoctin for dinner sixth day through lunch first day - or any portion thereof. The retreat is very loosely programmed and includes time to relax, work cooperatively, hike (or nap), talk, tell stories, play, and have fun. For more information, including the registration form, contact Blaine Keener. (443-414-9103 or blkomg@hotmail.com)

April 30 – Blue Ridge Gathering
Roanoke Friends Meeting (Roanoke, VA)

Empowering Women: The Link to Population: How will the new federal administration affect family planning clinics? How do increasing population and consumption patterns affect declining environmental quality? How does family planning affect population numbers? How do these fit with Quaker values? What can Friends do locally? Presentations by Roanoke Planned Parenthood and Ruah Swennerfelt, a founding member of Quaker Earthcare Witness. Meeting for Worship will begin at 10:30am. There will be a potluck lunch at noon. Child care will be provided. If possible, please call in advance so that we will have an idea of how many children or for more information: Tony Martin 540-874-4212.

April 30 – Spiritual Sanctuary – Finding Our Center in Turbulent Times
Baltimore Monthly Meetings, Stony Run (Baltimore, MD)

Sunday, April 30, at 9:15 am:  Spiritual Sanctuary – Finding our center in turbulent times. National as well as personal events have the capacity to cause anguish, yet such times of darkness can also provoke us to turn toward the Light. Stony Run’s Ministry & Counsel Committee will host a panel of Friends discussing ways that may help us maintain clarity, joy and purpose, even when grievously challenged; this will be followed by everyone working with queries on the topic in small discussion groups. The panel will begin at 9:15am, and tea, coffee and juice will be provided.

May 2017 Events

May 5 – 6 - Spiritual Formation Program Spring Retreat
Shepherd’s Spring Outdoor Ministry and Retreat Center (Sharpsburg, MD)

Save the date! The BYM Spiritual Formation Program's Spring Retreat will happen on May 5-6. Open to all regardless of prior or planned participation in an existing Spiritual Formation program, the retreat is a time to explore and deepen our practice of living and worshipping in spiritual community. Registration for the retreat will open in mid-March. For full information, go to https://bym-rsf1-org.presencehost.net/events/spiritform/

May 7 – Active Bystander Training
Herndon Friends Meeting (Herndon, VA)

Join Herndon Friends as they learn and practice being active bystanders and actively intervene against bullying, harassment, or intimidation of others. An Active Bystander is a person who acts, particularly when the easiest or most acceptable course is to do nothing. Space is limited to registered attendees for the program (from 1-4pm). To register and for more information, go to tinyurl.com/HFM-bystander.

May 21 – Promoting Social Justice Through Human Rights Learning in the Nation’s Capital
Sandy Spring Friends Meeting (Sandy Spring, MD)

Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana of the American Friends Service Committee DC Office will be speaking in the Community House at 12:30. This talk will be part of the Centennial celebration of AFSC’s establishment.  Banners describing the AFSC’s work of the 100 years will be on display. As we celebrate AFSC’s Centennial commitment to opposing injustice and promoting peace with justice, we invite you to come learn about its work in Washington DC. In 2008, at the urging of the AFSC-DC, the District of Columbia was declared a Human Rights City by a City Council Resolution (CER 17-461), the first in the United States. A Human Rights City is a city where human rights (enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) are learned, known and respected, consistently. Laws and policies undergo citizen review, and are found to be in conformity with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Public budgets are reviewed by citizens and fully support sustainable programs that ensure citizen’s full realization of their humanity. Children are taught and practice human rights as part of their school curricula. All citizens are both aware of and conversant with human rights; able and willing to stand up to protect human rights for themselves and each other ( Shula Koenig, Founder of People Decade for Human Rights Learning (PDHR, www.pdhre.org). AFSC-DC has partnered with DCPS since 2008 to expand human rights learning to our young leaders. Since, DC youths have been using human rights as a framework examine and address social justice issues. In 2016, to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the UDHR, our young leaders wanted  to look at progress made by the Human Rights City: Do they view their City as a Human rights City? This group of young people from different neighborhood embarked in a fact-finding project that allowed them to critically look at how D.C. is living up or not to the ideal of a Human Rights City. They presented their finding to City officials urging them to take action for social change.

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October 2017 Events

October 21 - Goose Creek Meeting House Bicentennial Celebration
Goose Creek Friends Meeting (Lincoln, VA)

Join Goose Creek Friends from 10am to 3pm in their celebration of 200 years of the Meeting House. There will be a pot-luck lunch and other activities.

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