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Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City

The Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City was founded and incorporated in 1874 to administer a trust established under the will of Miles White, a member of the Eutaw Street Meeting, the predecessor of Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Homewood. Upon the consolidation of Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 1968, oversight of this trust passed to the Yearly Meeting. The Articles of Incorporation state: "The objects of this Corporation shall be to promote piety and Christianity (especially by the dissemination of books and tracts); to extend aid to the young in their religious, moral, and intellectual training and education; and to relieve the deserving poor."

The trust is administered by the trustees of the Society who "shall annually make a written statement of its operations, and of the disposition and condition of its finances for the preceding year, and submit the same to the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends." There are eight to ten trustees, nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting during its Annual Session to serve a three-year term which commences after the Miles White Beneficial Society's annual meeting in October. Appointees serve no more than two consecutive terms. Trustees meet monthly, as needed.

One of the goals of the Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City is to share its mission and work with members of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. The Society has a video presentation that shares a brief history of the organization, the life and times of its founder Miles White, and a summary of recent philanthropic work of its board. Click here to view the video.

Special Grant for Summer Programs for Baltimore Youth


Announcement of Special Grant for Summer Programs for

Baltimore Youth

Distribution of Announcement on May 8, 2020

THE MILES WHITE BENEFICIAL SOCIETY OF BALTIMORE CITY (MWBS), a charitable organization affiliated with the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), is now accepting applications for one time per year grants of up to $5,000 from qualified non-profit 501C 3 organizations serving youth in Baltimore during summer 2020.

MWBS is seeking to support organizations that provide educational, work, community service, recreational, and/or conflict resolution programs to underserved Baltimore youth and that have a connection to Friends’ Meetings or their members.


Applicants must submit the following information to be considered:

  • Mission statement of the organization;
  • Connection to Friends (Quakers), if any;
  • Brief overview of current operations;
  • Funding request with a clear and concise description of the intended use for the funds, the youth who will benefit from the program, and the intended impact on the youth;
  • A safety plan related to COVID-19 requirements and the Governor’s directives (an attachment is fine);
  • Plan to describe, assess, or measure the effect of the funding on the participating youth in a report submitted to MWBS by October 9, 2020; and
  • A local contact person with address, e-mail, and phone number.

Send written applications to:
John McKusick, Trustee
Miles White Beneficial Society
603 Anneslie Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212-2012

Send electronic applications to:

N.B.: The MWBS Board understands that there is a great deal of uncertainty about the availability of summer programs for youth in 2020. Please do the best that you can to describe how you intend to provide a summer program for underserved children in Baltimore.

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