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Saturday, November 5, 202211:00 amSunday, November 6, 202212:00 pm
JYFs stand by the new BYM Office sign

Join us for Junior Young Friends(JYF) Con!
Below is the link to BYM's Youth Programs webpage.
Please explore them for more information!
Location and structure subject to change.

Junior Young Friends Gathering Expectations

JYFs try new things, attend all community meetings and events, and participate in color group activities and chores.

JYFs practice enthusiastic consent - asking for, and getting, permission before touching other members of the community or using their stuff - and treat community members, their belongings, and conference venues with care.

JYFs are kind and encouraging, don’t exclude people, listen to and respect others’ opinions - and their need for rest.

JYFs think before acting, use good judgment, and practice self-care. And they abide by any other decisions or rules made at a particular conference, particularly those involving sleep schedules and spaces.

Behavior that threatens others or makes them uncomfortable, or disrupts or destroys community, will not be tolerated. Nor will bringing or using any form of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs - or engaging in any form of sexual activity or harassment.

If a problem arises, JYFs notify the Youth Programs Manager or a FAP.

Consequences for violating these expectations are decided by the Youth Programs Manager, in consultation with the DFAP, other FAPs, and the JYF or JYFs involved.

Parents of JYFs are informed of any serious transgressions involving their child, either immediately or at the end of the conference.



Financial Aid: As a program we are committed to making sure everyone who wants to join us can. We do not turn people away due to finances. Our registration form allows you to choose your level of need for yourself. If you have questions about this financial aid system email Sunshine at

If you are able to support JYFs monetarily beyond the registration fee, you can include a donation on your registration or donate through BYMs donation page

Since this is everyone's first con of the school year, you also need to fill out the Medical History and Information form here. Please also use this link if you need to update your medical history and information form throughout the year.

Covid Protocol for JYF con
1. JYFs are required to be as vaccinated as possible. 
2. All JYFs will need a negative Covid PCR test from on or after 3/8 to attend con.
3. We will be wearing masks inside except to eat and sleep. During either of those times, folks will be asked to be distanced from everyone unless they carpooled together or are in a bubble together outside of con.
Note: We have multiple air filters that will be on for the duration of con. 
If a JYF develops any symptoms of covid or a cold after their PCR test, please stay home.


Grad Con Schedule


7pm Arrival and Registration; JYFs play freely.
7:30pm Orientation and name games
8pm Business Meeting!
9pm Evening Activity
Next Sleepy Time
8am Team Breaky will wake up and start Breaky Prep
8:30am General Wake Up
8:45am Breaky
9:15am Clean up
9:45am Wandering Tour of OQC
10:15am Meeting for Worship and Singing at the Firecircle
11am Run around game time
12pm Lunch Prep
12:30pm Lunch
1pm Lunch Clean up
1:30pm Nap Time
2:30pm Workshop! We'll be talking through Identity Wheels and creating a representation of one or more elements of our respective identities. Please bring something you'd like to include in that project.
3:30pm Creative Hour! Stations for Tie-dye, bracelet making, drawing, painting, and collaging will be set up. Feel free to bring supplies for these activities as well!
4:30pm Meeting for business, which includes choosing who will clerk, record, what sleeping arrangements will be, what the morning schedule will be, along with choosing next year's theme!
5:30pm Dinner Prep
6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm Dinner Clean Up
7:15pm Ephemeral activity :)
8pm Fire Circle
Til Bed Chill Time
8am Wake up
8:30am Volunteers make breakfast while everyone else packs up their personal stuff.
9:30am Breakfast
10am Volunteers clean up breakfast while the folks who cooked clean up their own personal stuff.
10:30am Meeting for Worship with a concern for Thank you circle. JYFs respond to the queries “What made the weekend special for you?”, and/or “What are you grateful for?” out of Worship.
11am Get camp back in order
12 pm JYFs get picked up. We will have snacks for the drive home for y'all to take.

If you need to carpool, or have space in your car to give rides, please fill out this google form. To see who needs rides or can offer rides, go here.

JYF Grad Con (4/29-5/1)
A reminder: No one will be turned away because they don't have the funds. If you need financial aid, please check the "Choose this option to pay less for registration."
If you would like to pay more than the suggested fee, please check the "suggested registration fee" button and input the additional amount as a donation.
Enter amount in dollars (numbers only)
First Name *
Last Name *
Academic Grade
Address Line 1 *
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City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *

I hereby give permission for my child named above to attend the above named Junior Young Friends Conference. I give the Baltimore Yearly Meeting staff and its volunteers permission to obtain emergency medical attention as needed, and will be responsible for costs incurred for any medical treatment. In the event that my child needs medication and it unable to administer it, I give permission for a staff member or volunteer to do so. I hereby release Baltimore Yearly Meeting, its staff, and its volunteers from liability for any injury or illness my child may sustain during such an event. If my child is taking presecribed medications, I understand that it is their responsibility to take the correct dosage at the correct time. Failure to do so will result in their being asked to leave the conference immediately and I will be responsible for arranging their immediate pickup. If my child intends to arrive late or leave early from the conference I will alert the Youth Programs Manager in advance prior to the start of the conference.

First Name *
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Phone Number They Can Be Reached This Con (Required)
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What are your dietary needs? (If you have any food allergies, they should be listed on your med form.)

Remember! Registration requires multiple steps. 

  1. This form needs to be submitted. Good job! You're almost done with that!
  2. If you have not submitted a med form for this school year, you need to submit a med form! Use this link. It will open in a new tab, so you can click on it and it won't steal away all your hard work you put into your registration!
  3. You need to schedule your JYF a PCR test either on or after 4/26 so they will have their results before con. 

Looking forward to seeing you!!

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