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Nuts and Bolts Committee of Young Friends

The Nuts & Bolts Committee (NBC) is a group of Young Friends with various responsibilities in the community. Young Friends are nominated for NBC at the April conference and approved at the May/June conference, known as Grad Con. Additional information can be found on the Young Friends' managed website here. Extended descriptions of NBC jobs can be found in the Young Friends Handbook.

Clerks – Robert Finegar and Meghan Roush

Assistant Clerks –  Tzippi Harker and Avin Newswanger

Recording Clerks – Aidan Fitzgerald-Lyon and Sonny Kennison

Treasurers –  Christina Rutherford and Lucas Vitullo

Assistant Treasurers –  Severin Elbich and Riley Woodward

Youth Programs Representatives – Nathaniel Lehman, Rebecca Megginson, and MJ Moran

Webmasters – Emmett Caswell and Corinne Hess 

Phriends at Large(PALs) –  Serena Gonder-Leach, Isaac Moles, Matt Roome, and Lia Worth

Annual Session Planners – Ben Domenick-Urbansky, Caroline Hill, and Miles Hudson

Facilitator – Irene Denniston

Floater – Hope Craven and Hazel Key


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