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Sample In-Person JYF Schedule


10am Arrival and Registration; JYFs play freely.

11 Orientation and name games

11:30 First “color group” meeting to collectively decide a group name, and play a game. These small groups mix age, gender, and number of conferences attended, and has a Friendly Adult Presence or FAP.

12 One “color group” makes lunch.

12:30 Lunch.

1pm One color group cleans up lunch.

1:30 Big, run around game (Soccer, Frisbee, Jugs).

2:15 Workshop (different activities, discussion, and worship sharing, all based around the weekend’s theme)

4 Free time/snack. JYFs often organize themselves into games, and have the option of a few arts&crafts.

5 Color groups do a “check-in” where they get together and each answer, “Are you having fun?,” “Do you feel included?,” and “What is the name of one new friend that you made today?” Sometimes they answer different questions, or reflect further on the workshop/theme.

5:30 One color group makes dinner.

6:30 Dinner.

7 One color group cleans up dinner.

7:30 Gather for Meeting for business, which begins with 20 min of silence to gather and settle

8 Meeting for business, which includes choosing who will clerk, record, what sleeping arrangements will be, what the morning schedule will be, and at least one other item of business.

9 Dessert/ bedtime snack.

10pm Bedtime – JYFs set up their sleeping bags and whisper for awhile, while we repeatedly tell them to be quiet, and eventually go to sleep. Many times there is a room set aside for ‘early sleepers’ that will not tolerate whispering.


7:15 Wake up

7:30 One color group makes breakfast while everyone else packs up their personal stuff

8 Breakfast

8:30 One color group cleans up breakfast while the color group that made breakfast packs up their personal stuff

9 We clean the Meetinghouse, pack up and put away the group materials

9:30 ‘Thank-you circle’, where JYFs respond to the queries “What made the weekend special for you?”, and/or “What are you grateful for?” out of Worship. One FAP double checks the cleanliness of the Meetinghouse

10 Attend Meeting for Worship with the host meeting, for the amount of time that is traditional for children at that Meeting

10:20 1st day school with the host meeting, or another workshop session on the topic of the weekend

11:15 Return to Meeting, introduce ourselves, and thank the Meeting for the use of their space

11:30 JYFs play freely while they wait for their parents to arrive

12 All JYFs have returned to the custody of their parents, and the conference is over.


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