Junior Young Friends Conference Registration

The dates and location for the Junior Young Friends (JYF) Conferences for 2017-2018 have been announced.
The 2017-2018 JYF Conference season has concluded wonderfully. The dates for the 2018-2019 season will be announced over the summer. Check back here for updates as they become available.
November 4 - 5
Adelphi Friends Meeting (Hyattsville, MD)
January 20 - 21
Herndon Friends Meeting (Herndon, VA)
March - 24 - 25
Frederick Friends Meeting (Frederick, MD)
May 5 - 6
Opequon Quaker Camp (Brucetown, VA)
Financial Aid: To request financial aid email Jossie at youthprograms@bym-rsf.org. Do not register online.

Junior Young Friends Gathering Expectations

JYFs try new things, attend all community meetings and events, and participate in color group activities and chores.

JYFs practice enthusiastic consent - asking for, and getting, permission before touching other members of the community or using their stuff - and treat community members, their belongings, and conference venues with care.

JYFs are kind and encouraging, don’t exclude people, listen to and respect others’ opinions - and their need for rest.

JYFs think before acting, use good judgment, and practice self-care. And they abide by any other decisions or rules made at a particular conference, particularly those involving sleep schedules and spaces.

Behavior that threatens others or makes them uncomfortable, or disrupts or destroys community, will not be tolerated. Nor will bringing or using any form of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs - or engaging in any form of sexual activity or harassment.

If a problem arises, JYFs notify the Youth Programs Manager or a FAP.

Consequences for violating these expectations are decided by the Youth Programs Manager, in consultation with the DFAP, other FAPs, and the JYF or JYFs involved.

Parents of JYFs are informed of any serious transgressions involving their child, either immediately or at the end of the conference.