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Junior Young Friends Conference Registration

Registration here is closed for this weekend's con. If you would like to join, please email or call 3017747663 to reach Sunshine. 

Financial Aid: As a program we are committed to making sure everyone who wants to join us can. We do not turn people away due to finances. To request financial aid email Sunshine at Do not register here.
If this is your first con of the school year, you also need to fill out the Medical History and Information form here. Please also use this link if you need to update your medical history and information form. Even though we are virtual still, please fill it out for this school year!
The dates for the Junior Young Friends (JYF) Conferences for 2020-2021
November 21 - 22
January 9 - 10
March 13 - 14
April 30 - May 2
Catoctin Quaker Camp (Middlepoint, MD)

Junior Young Friends Gathering Expectations

JYFs try new things, attend all community meetings and events, and participate in color group activities and chores.

JYFs practice enthusiastic consent - asking for, and getting, permission before touching other members of the community or using their stuff - and treat community members, their belongings, and conference venues with care.

JYFs are kind and encouraging, don’t exclude people, listen to and respect others’ opinions - and their need for rest.

JYFs think before acting, use good judgment, and practice self-care. And they abide by any other decisions or rules made at a particular conference, particularly those involving sleep schedules and spaces.

Behavior that threatens others or makes them uncomfortable, or disrupts or destroys community, will not be tolerated. Nor will bringing or using any form of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs - or engaging in any form of sexual activity or harassment.

If a problem arises, JYFs notify the Youth Programs Manager or a FAP.

Consequences for violating these expectations are decided by the Youth Programs Manager, in consultation with the DFAP, other FAPs, and the JYF or JYFs involved.

Parents of JYFs are informed of any serious transgressions involving their child, either immediately or at the end of the conference.

Virtual Con Schedule


Time Frame Activity
10-10:30am              Morning stretching and movement
10:30-11:30am              Magic Spots (coloring pages, crayons, and individual activities will be sent to all who register)
11:30am-1:30pm              Lunch Break (no zoom)
1:30-3pm              Online Game Time(Among us, Jackbox Games, etc)
3pm-4:30pm              Business Meeting (We'll be picking a theme for the year!)
4:30pm-6pm              Game Time(Encore and a surprise that will be mailed out)
6pm-7pm              Dinner Break (no zoom)
7pm-evening              Evening Activities (Baking together, Online Puzzles, DnD, a movie. We will discuss options at business meeting!)
Evening-Sleepy Time              At home camp out sleepover! (Set up a tent outback or in your room, put a sleeping mat in the living room, sleep in a sleeping bag on your bed, whatever you feel will make it an adventure! We'll be having different breakout rooms to simulate a early/medium bedtime room and a late night bedtime room. You can pick which one you want to be in and have unstructured time to hang out before bed!


Meeting For Worship (This will be held both in-person AND over zoom. If you plan on joining in-person, you need to communicate that to Sunshine. In-person meeting will be at Alexandria Friends Meeting at 8990 Woodlawn Rd, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060. The time has been set so that we may worship with their community! Woohoo! 

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