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2021 Yearbook

Twelfth Month 2020 Called Interim Meeting

Virtual event due to pandemic

Friends of Baltimore Yearly Meeting gathered for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business beginning with a period of silent worship followed by a Welcome from Clerk of Interim Meeting, Margaret (Meg) Boyd Meyer (Baltimore, Stony Run).

I2020-50 Naming Committee. Nicholas (Nic) Tideman (Blacksburg) reported for the Naming committee to put forward the name of Nathaniel (Nate) Dorr (Sandy Spring, YAF) for nomination to the Search Committee for Interim Meeting. This nomination was APPROVED.

I2020-51 Acting General Secretary’s Report. Wayne Finegar (Sandy Spring) highlighted the recent work of the Yearly Meeting staff in attending to both end of year activities and planning for next year.

A minute of appreciation was heard for Laura Buttler who has served as the Administrative Assistant. This minute was APPROVED and a written copy is attached.

The camping program has proposed a new fee structure based on a sliding scale for next year in order to make camp more available to a wider and more diverse community of campers. There is, as yet, no decision on whether the camps will be able to open in person next summer. A new camping program manager has been hired following a comprehensive process of assessing 125 applications. Brian Massey (Shiloh Quaker Camp) accepted the offer to fill this position.

Wayne briefly thanked Friends for the outpouring of support for and gratitude for his work. He also shared that he believes it is important for the Yearly Meeting to move ahead soon with the search for a new General Secretary and not delay this process as previously suggested.

A written copy of this report is attached.

I2020-52 Supervisory Committee. Ramona Buck (Patapsco) offered a Position Description for General Secretary with changes as suggested at the Eleventh Month 2020 Interim Meeting. Following some comments and clarifications, we affirmed that the position description emphasizes the administrative functions of the role, a mention of the Trustees as a committee with which the General Secretary works closely was added, and the category of experience was expanded to be “desired.” A Friend reminded us of the scriptural reference in 1st Corinthians 12:28 that names administration as a spiritual gift. We also affirmed that Interim Meeting has ultimate authority, through the Spirit of gathered Friends, for major decisions. Friends then APPROVED this amended position description. A written copy of the original proposed text is attached.

I2020-53 Search Committee for General Secretary. Clerk of IM offered the following names to serve as a Search Committee for our new General Secretary:
    Clinton Pettus (Baltimore, Stony Run)
    Annalee Flower Horne (Takoma Park)
    Linda Garrettson, (Sandy Spring)
    David Ethridge (Friends Meeting of Washington)
    Rosemary Davis (Patapsco)
    Guli Fager (Baltimore, Stone Run)

Guli will serve as staff to this committee as Wayne has stated his intention to apply for the position.

The slate of names was APPROVED with the addition of a Friend to be named from a more rural part of the Yearly Meeting. Friends are asked to send names for consideration to the Clerk of Interim Meeting within two weeks. The Clerk will make and advise Friends of this appointment.

I2020-54 Camping Program Committee. Brooke Davis (Richmond) reported on the committee’s plan to change the fee structure for camp next year to one based on a sliding scale. She reports that there was great unity among committee members on this change. Jane Megginson (Frederick), current Camp Program staff, spoke eloquently about the deep faith that this decision reflects, that even with the fiscal challenges they present, their discerned commitment was clear. They highlight that this will necessitate a change in how Monthly Meetings allocate their camp scholarship funds. They ask for these funds io be sent directly to the Yearly Meeting so that support can be offered in a fairer way that is intended to make it much easier for a more diverse group of campers to participate. Their idea is to open the gates wider resulting in fuller and more diverse camps.

The minutes were APPROVED as we moved through the Meeting. Our gathering closed with a period of worship.

Margaret (Meg) Boyd Meyer, presiding
Rebecca Richards, recording

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