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2018 Yearbook

Tenth Month 2018 Interim Meeting

Sandy Spring Friends Meeting

I2018-43 Opening: Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Interim Meeting gathered on 10/20/2018, hosted by Sandy Spring Friends in Sandy Spring, Maryland. A list of affiliations of those present is attached.

We thanked Sandy Spring Friends for their hospitality. Linda Garrettson (Sandy Spring) welcomed and oriented us; Sandy Spring Friends are delighted to be in their newly renovated community house.

Claire Hannapel (Atlanta) of Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) briefly described the group’s work in five United States cities; Claire sees eleven-month internships with the program as a potential extension of the camping experience of youth in our Yearly Meeting.

Marcy Baker Seitel (Adelphi), Clerk of Interim Meeting, briefly reviewed recent business of the Yearly Meeting and other matters, mentioning diversity, inclusion, budgeting, Faith and Practice, and a Friends Journal new item on Interim Meeting discernment regarding transgender rights.

I2018-44 Program Committee: Barb Platt (Sandy Spring), Program Committee Clerk, reported; the written version of the report is attached. Program Committee has been led to maintain the current length of the Annual Session; some events within the session are to be rescheduled to make weekend attendance more attractive.

I2018-45 Peace and Social Concerns: Phil Caroom (Annapolis), Peace and Social Concerns Committee Clerk, reported.

Phil announced a networking day at Sidwell Friends School on 4/6/2019.

Jean Athey (Sandy Spring) announced an 11/17/2018 Back from the Brink conference at Goucher College on the threat of nuclear war, cosponsored by several of Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s local Meetings.

Darcy Lane (Sandy Spring) reported on behalf of the Working Group on Civil and Human Rights of Transgender and Non-Binary People. Eight people are currently serving on the Working Group; the Working Group has made posters and literature available.

Victor Thuronyi (Adelphi) and Patti Nesbitt (Sandy Spring) reported on behalf of a proposed end of life concerns working group. Victor shared a Homewood minute (attached) on end-of-life legislation in Maryland; Victor encouraged other Maryland meetings to adopt similar minutes. Patti reported that eight people currently make up the proposed working group; they hope to bring a proposed charge to our next Interim Meeting session.

Phil announced that Peace and Social Concerns’ Right Sharing of World Resources Working Group has been laid down; we accepted laying down this Working Group. We APPROVED having the Yearly Meeting name a Right Sharing of World Resources Liaison, with details to be determined.

Phil presented a proposed minute on immigration; the written version of the minute is attached. The minute originated with Peace and Social Concerns Committee’s Working Group on Refugees, Immigrants, and Sanctuary. We heard a desire for a flexible minute in view of continually changing government actions and proposals. We heard a desire to call on and help local meetings and individuals to engage in legislative advocacy. We APPROVED the final paragraph of Peace and Social Concerns Committee’s minute, adding refugees to the list of those for whom we seek just treatment; we leave it to Peace and Social Concerns to work out an action plan.

Phil advertised for help for the Peace and Social Concerns Committee, noting in particular the Committee’s need for a new Clerk next year, a need which might best be met by having an apprentice Clerk this year.

Vinnie DeMarco (Homewood) presented a resolution from the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative on the Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative; the written version of the resolution is attached. The initiative would create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board. Vinnie noted that Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting has endorsed the initiative. Legislation proposed by the initiative would be considered by the Maryland state legislature at the start of next year.

We APPROVED this: we endorsed the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative resolution on the Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative.

We heard a concern that the initiative does not address the situation of those living outside Maryland.

We thanked Phil Caroom for Phil’s reporting and Arthur David Olson (Takoma Park) for Arthur David’s recording.

I2018-46 Growing Diverse Leadership: Donna Kolaetis (Menallen) reported on behalf of the Ad Hoc Growing Diverse Leadership Committee and the Working Group on Racism. Donna noted that we have come to recognize our institutional racism, given that we are part of a racist culture. Donna stressed that racism is an issue for all of us, regardless of location. Change groups in local Meetings, typically meeting on a monthly basis, are a way of addressing racism. Donna characterized now as a time of transformation for the Yearly Meeting.

I2018-47 Development Director's report: Ann Venable, Development Director, reported; the written version of the report is attached. Ann noted Ann’s move to the Atlanta area and, with it, the end of Ann’s service to the Yearly Meeting near the end of the year. Ann was heartened by a continuing year-by-year increase in the number of donors (single people, couples, or families) to the Yearly Meeting. Ann noted a recent difficulty in finding acorns, taken as a sign that our Yearly Meeting is beyond the seeding stage. Ann told of a child care provider who encouraged burping by continuously chanting “do something” to babies; Ann called on us to do something.

I2018-48 Development Committee's report: Liz Hofmeister (Bethesda), Development Committee Clerk, reported. Liz read aloud Development Committee’s minute of appreciation for Ann Venable and Ann’s four years of service as Development Director; the written version of the minute is attached. We APPROVED this: we endorsed Development Committee’s minute of appreciation for Ann Venable. Scotty Scott (York), Camping Program Committee’s Co-Clerk, announced the Committee’s fund-raising effort to allow a composting toilet to be named to honor Ann.

Liz noted that Ann is now teleworking and will continue to do so. Development Committee plans to send out a notice for the position of Development Director shortly; the Committee is reviewing the job description; the Committee hopes that a new Director can be hired by the end of the year, and is open to the possibility of an Interim Director.

I2018-49 Nominating Committee report: Deborah Haines (Alexandria), Nominating Committee Co-Clerk, reported. On this first and only reading, we APPROVED this: we named Lauren Brownlee (Bethesda) to serve a second term on the Sandy Spring Friends School Board of Trustees through 2021 and named Adrian Bishop (Baltimore, Stony Run) Right Sharing of World Resources Liaison through 2021.

I2018-50 Pastoral Care Working Group charge: Melanie Gifford (Adelphi) and Rebecca Richards (Gunpowder), Ministry and Pastoral Care Co-clerks, presented the charge for the Pastoral Care Working group; the written version of the charge is attached. Melanie noted two changes: dropping the phrase “and can serve as long as they are led to” from the end of the second paragraph; and changing “maintained” to “held in confidence” in the list item numbered “5.” The Committee is not proposing that the Working Group work with individuals. We accepted Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee’s charge for the Pastoral Care Working Group.

I2018-51 Quaker Religious Education Collaborative: Marsha Holliday (Washington) reported on behalf of the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (QREC); Marsha spoke from a written report; the written report is attached. QREC seeks the Yearly Meeting’s institutional membership and a representative; Religious Education Committee is to consider these requests.

I2018-52 Friends United Meeting: Georgia Fuller (Langley Hill), Friends United Meeting (FUM) General Board member, reported; the written version of the report is attached. Georgia corrected the name of Rosalie Dance (Baltimore, Stony Run) in the report. Georgia mentioned that the report has made one person uncomfortable and that we can expect discomfort in some of the work ahead of us. Georgia foresees that financial challenges may require cuts in FUM programs. Georgia suggested that the Yearly Meeting and local Meetings could provide funding for the head of Ramallah Friends School; we referred this suggestion to the Presiding Clerk and the Clerk of Interim Meeting.

I2018-53 Camp Property Manager's annual report: Gloria Victor Dorr (Sandy Spring), on behalf of Camp Property Committee, presented the annual report of David Hunter (Frederick), Camp Property Manager; the written version of the report is attached. Gloria highlighted family camp weekends and opportunities to rent the camp in off-season times for Meeting events.

I2018-54 Camp Program Manager's annual report: Jane Megginson (Frederick), Camping Program Manager, presented an annual report; the written version of the report is attached. Jane told of a reunion at Opequon Quaker Camp, marred by flooding; the flooding is another reason to try to find a new home for Opequon. Jane thanked local Meetings and individuals who, over the years, have said “yes” to requests to help children attend camps, providing funds and rides.

We heard a desire to have inclusion efforts reach out to indigenous peoples and Muslims; we heard a sense that individuals can help the Committee with outreach efforts; outreach material are available.

We heard appreciation for Jane Megginson, the Strengthening Transformative Relationships in Diverse Environments Working Groups, and Hopewell Centre Monthly Meeting.

I2018-55 STRIDE: Ned Stowe (Sandy Spring), General Secretary, and Rosie Eck (Homewood), Strengthening Transformative Relationships in Diverse Environments (STRIDE) Working Group Co-clerk, reported on STRIDE; the written version of the report is attached. With the end of the service of an Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator; the STRIDE Working Groups have lost dedicated staff support. Ned and a group are developing plans to support STRIDE groups on both an interim and a permanent basis; the goal is to have a well-seasoned proposal prepared for our next Interim Meeting session. The group is considering whether ways of supporting STRIDE can also support equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts for the Yearly Meeting as a whole.

I2018-56 Treasurer's report: Tom Hill (Charlottesville), Treasurer, reported; the written version of the report is attached. Tom corrected the written report’s reference of 2008 to 2018 and of $17,000 to $27,000. Tom is encouraged by this unaudited, interim report which shows increased cash, an increased operating surplus year-to-date, and increased net assets. Tom noted that the sharp decrease in “Property & Equipment Purchased from Operating” is due to bathhouse construction being done in 2017 and not in 2018.

We heard a question about the year’s high goal for contributions; we heard a sense that the goal was recognized as ambitious by Development Committee and by Stewardship and Finance Committee when it was set and subsequently approved; the [goal was] set in part to enable bathhouse construction loans to be repaid.

We learned that Shiloh Camp was purchased in 1991 and loans were finally paid off in 2007 or 2008; more than $400,000 was involved; we can expect a new home for Opequon would cost more.

I2018-57 Stewardship and Finance Committee: Karen Cunnyngham (Annapolis), Stewardship and Finance Committee Clerk, reported. Karen reported on Annual Session discussions about funding diversity and inclusion efforts in the budget; Karen hoped that such discussions in that and other areas might occur year-round. Karen noted that the Committee is considering sustainability over five and ten years as it prepares budgets; funding of capital replacements, which is not in the budget now, is a particular concern. In response to a question, Karen stated that the Committee is awaiting a proposal on support of STRIDE efforts before dealing with its monetary costs. Karen noted that we may at times need to be aspirational in funding programs for work we feel is important.

I2018-58 Yearly Meeting Presiding Clerk: Ken Stockbridge (Patapsco), Yearly Meeting Presiding Clerk, reported. Ken has recently been focused on STRIDE discernment; Ken also took part in Program Committee’s consideration of Annual Session scheduling.

I2018-59 Closing: We heard, improved, and APPROVED these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next on 3/23/2019 hosted by Annapolis Friends, or at the call of the Clerk of Interim Meeting.

Marcy Baker Seitel, presiding                                                               Arthur David Olson, recording

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