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2021 Yearbook

2022 Budget Notes

Preparation of the 2021 budget has been especially difficult because of the twin challenges of the failure of contributions to BYM to meet expectations and the stresses of the pandemic, especially with the inability to operate the camping program this year. Stewardship and Finance committed to presenting a realistic and achievable plan for 2021. Limitation on resources has forced BYM to focus on our shared values and priorities as we endeavor to “let our lives speak.”

Notes on the Operating Budget

The presentation of the budget differs from previous years. The current budget format draws directly from our accounting software so that we will be able to provide updates on a regular basis. It is hoped that this consistent presentation, along with the Treasurer’s standardized reports, will allow Friends to more confidently assess the Meeting’s finances. It will also make it possible for the Yearly Meeting to monitor our financial condition and make adjustments if actual performance does not match projections.

Both the expenses and projected fee income from the camping program are based on being able to operate all three camps at capacity in 2021. If the COVID-19 pandemic affects the ability for camps to go forward, it is expected that camps will balance fees and expense so as not to adversely affect the budget.

The information for staff wages, taxes, and benefits includes the compensation for all of the Yearly Meeting's full-year positions. For 2021, those are:

General Secretary Stride Coordinator
Bookkeeping Assistant Youth Programs Manager
Camping Program Manager Development Director
Camp Property Manager Catoctin Quaker Camp Caretaker
Shiloh Quaker Camp Caretaker  

Notes on the Capital Budget

The capital budget as presented here was not considered or approved by the Yearly Meeting. It reports details of the plans based on the expectations included in the operating budget. For 2021, we anticipate than any necessary capital expenditures will be funded by contributions or previously restricted funds.

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